Emerging Space Greenhouse

inside Moon Mothers Nursery & Garden Shop

410 Prospect Way

Half Moon Bay Harbor


Mystical Journey

for Body & Soul  

Movement, Sound, Writing & Art to Access your Deepest Knowing

 Saturday Morning  July 27th 10:30am ~ 1pm


This class is designed to transport you to a renewed connection with the spaciousness of your Soul Self of Being. Breathing and relaxation techniques along with yoga poses and sound healing will assist and support the body in releasing trauma, tension, and pain and restore ease and aliveness. Intentional writing prompts will transform thoughts, emotions and challenges into a state of grace. Joyful art making experiences* will provide a channel for creativity and free up authentic Soul Self expression.

Leave the to-do list and busy mind behind and join, Amy Sullivan, MFT, Modern Day Mystic, and Certified Professional Yoga Nidra Instructor, with my XL heart chakra crystal singing bowl for a chance to play with the universe and indulge in this thick and velvety form of healing self care.

$100. for all 4 sessions or $30./session drop-in  Please Register Here  or email Amy for series discount

 *No experience necessary!

Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a journal, a yoga mat and blanket.

Coastside Women’s

Writing Circle

 Thursday Mornings 10:30am ~ 12:30pm
   July 11th ~ August 15

Come be inspired in this writing circle facilitated by Teresa Brown.  You will be empowered in the creative writing process, where you’ll share your writing in a circle of astute women.  This is a place for you to share your work and get valuable feedback. There will be time for revision writing and reading. This will be a small circle so everyone has enough enriching time. 

To reserve a space please email Teresa Brown 
 call or text her at (415) 533-1124
$60 for 6 week program

Painting Classes

with Master Painter Ellen Joseph

Fridays – 10:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.
July 12th ~ August 2nd 

When you arrive in the Greenhouse a 16×20 canvas will have been set up for you, along with a pallet of fresh acrylic paints and an assortment of fine brushes.  Ellen will inspire you with a short demonstration and share keen insights. She will assist in any technical or compositional quandaries that may arise. She is a master of color and will teach you how to mix colors to get that special hue. You’ll paint your heart out in the blissful greenhouse for a couple of hours, then walk away with your painting.  Ellen and her helpy helper will clean up your paint pallet and brushes. 

All Levels welcome
$30 per class Materials included
Reserve a spot by texting Ellen (650) 728-7518 or email 

Full Moon Ceremony

Field Trip

Tuesday July 16th 7:30pm
Enchanted Forest Moss Beach
Dedicated to Mother Earth

On this night we will tune into the subtle vibration of Mother Earth; By way of a walking and drumming meditation we will connect deeply with the living Goddess who goes by many names. Through ancient ritual we will nurture our soul, spirit and body.

Wear comfortable shoes and dress in layers.  
Bring a blanket and a flash light.
 Please RSVP by email or text 650-303-5515

New Moon Ceremony 

Emerging Space Greenhouse
Wednesday July 31st 6:30pm ~ 8:30pm


Gather in Sacred Circle at dusk, when the veils between worlds are thinnest, to embrace the new moon with reflection, renewal and seeding new intentions.

Let go of everyday concerns and rest in peaceful meditation to the soothing sounds of Native American Flute music played live.

Journey with the drum to the unseen realms to connect with compassionate guardian spirits for healing and guidance through direct revelation.

(please arrive 15min early so we start on time)

~ Age 16+, no previous meditation or journeying experience necessary
~ For the deepest experience, eat lightly and avoid alcohol before the ceremony 
~ Dress comfortably in layers
~ Bring a warm blanket or two to be cozy
~ Bring an eye mask or bandana
~ Bring your favorite rattle(s) if you have one or borrow one of mine (supplies limited) 
~ Bring a water bottle
~ Bring a notebook or journal and a pen to record your insights (Electronic recording, audio, video, photography, and the use of computers are not permitted during the ceremony.) 
~ Note to those with sensitivities or allergies: a small amount of sage or palo santo incense will be burned to cleanse the space

Spaces limited so please purchase your ticket in advance
GENERAL ADMISSION DOOR: $45 (space permitting)

Sonya Jason is a professional musician, shamanic practitioner and ceremonialist. Her work masterfully empowers each person’s innate connection with Spirit for guidance and healing. Sonya plays Native American wood flutes, frame drum, conch shell, gourd rattles and chakapa (Peruvian leaf rattle) to create powerful moving ceremonies, healing meditation music, and insightful shamanic journeys.

Jazz saxophonist and multi-instrumentalist Sonya Jason has made her living as a performer, recording artist and educator since 1985. She delights in offering her musical gifts as an expression of her deeply spiritual outlook on life. For well over three decades, Sonya maintained a Buddhist meditation practice before fully embracing the ancient spiritual path of Shamanism. She is a member of Michael Harner’s Foundation for Shamanic Studies where she participates in the world’s foremost training programs in core shamanism. Sonya is also continuously enrolled in courses with Sandra Ingerman, world renowned teacher of shamanism, and she has studied with Huichol Shaman Brant Secunda.

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