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New Year’s day, January 1st, 2018.  Full Moon.

We will not gather on this first full moon of the new year.  This is a sacred day of  solitary inward journeying.  A time to write, reflect, dream and plan.

You’re invited~
Spirit-Quest Collage Circle
Saturday, January 13th, 10:30am to 1pm
Shelldance Orchid Gardens, Pacifica

“ What if we’re all meant to do what we secretly dream?” “What would you ask if you knew you could have anything?” Jena Stanfield

To celebrate this new year of infinite potential we will gather to create a Spirit-Quest Collage. The richness of 2018 will be revealed. Your creation will give voice to vague whisperings and expand them into clear focus. With Sage wisdom, you will intuitively create a treasure map of divine direction. It will be a visual guide to the abundance that is your birthright. This creation will become a power source of faith throughout the year. It will show you where to focus your energy. It will provide confidence to proceed on the path of your dreams with ease and grace through darkness and storms. This Spirit-Quest Collage will hold tomorrow’s gifts that await you.

What new pleasures, adventures and skills will you discover in this new year?
What will bring you the most joy?
What actions will best soothe your soul?
What will make your spirit soar?
What will empower you to rise to your highest calling?
What magnificence awaits you in 2018?

The universe has placed so many new prizes just out of your sight. In this gathering we will listen to the silent megaphone of the Goddess and create a visual looking-glass, a Collage of knowingness.


All supplies will be provided.

Expression of appreciation donation gratefully accepted.

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Full Moon Ceremony, Blue Moon, Wednesday, January 31st, 2018. 4:30pm

337 Marada Art Studio

Dedicated to Pure Potentiality

Details coming soon…


Embracing Your Self

blooming lotus flower

A Sacred Journey to Bali; June 17 – 24, 2018

We invite you to join us in a sacred journey dedicated to the spirit and grace of Bali as we walk in our beauty nature and reflect our light into the world. By learning to listen and discern our inner landscape, we deepen intuition, clarity and learn to find balance and harmony in our lives. We will weave our sacred circle at Bagus Jati, staying in luxurious villas on hillside gardens surrounded by lush tropical forests in the mountains outside of Ubud.

In addition to circle time and yoga classes, we will journey to a traditional Balinese village meeting local artisans, visit magical Ubud, the spiritual center of Bali and participate in a purification and blessing ceremony at a nearby temple and waterfalls.

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