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Full Moon Ceremony

Wednesday October 24th 6pm

Emerging Space Greenhouse (New home of the Moon Mothers)

Inside Perdini’s Nursery  401 Prospect Way Princeton

Dedicated to Lakshmi

Hindu Goddess of Prosperity

On this night we will embody the abundant light of Lakshmi. We will see our own brilliance through the eyes of others and keenly connect to our soul gifts.

  Please bring  two self addressed envelopes, writing tablet and pen.

Please let me know if you will attend.
email or text 303-5515
Hope to see you when the moon is full.

Tamara Trejo


Saturday October 27th. 10:30am to 1pm

Emerging Space Greenhouse

401 Prospect Way Princeton

“It’s by honoring and naming each of our parts
that we become a new whole”  
~Seena B. Frost

In this circle we will intuitively create SoulCollage® cards that will reveal the many, powerful parts of ourselves; Cards that speak of our truest soul essences. This process is a way of giving visual credence to who we really are, who we have been and who we will become.

No previous experience necessary.
All supplies will be provided.

If you have made SoulCollage® cards in the past,
please bring your cards.

Expression of appreciation $$ donation gratefully accepted.

RSVP email or text 650- 303-5515

Looking forward to creating with you on this day of clarity.  Tamara Trejo

Connected Soul

Yoga Retreat with Jessica Archer Nuzzo

Saturday October 27th.   4~ 6:30pm   Emerging Space Greenhouse   $40

This potent time of year is one of transition, moving towards darkness and what is known as the dream time.  Nature invites us to go inward and listen, so that we can become more receptive and open to the energies all around us.

All Souls Day, Halloween & Dia de los Muertos all honor the dead, reminding us that the veil between the worlds is thin in these moments. If we pause and feel, we can find connection with those who are no longer embodied in this world; we can be connected to all souls in all realms. Our afternoon of  gentle yoga will include movement, breath, labyrinth walk, reflective writing, deep rest and sacred connection.


Please bring Yoga Mat, blanket and Journal.
Space is limited Please Register Here
or text (917) 572-8186 ~  email 

Story Necklace Making Workshop

Honoring and Connecting with Ancestors & Loved ones who have passed.
Saturday November 3rd 10:30am ~ 1pm
Emerging Space Greenhouse inside Pardini’s Nursery
403 Prospect Way Half Moon Bay

BayRoot Chakra Retreat

Full Day Retreat at Emerging Space, Saturday November 10th 10:30am ~ 5pm

with Dr. Mary Baxter & Tamara Trejo


In these luscious weeks of autumn as the quiet of the season envelops us, we long to return to the warmth of the hearth, the comfort of the Mother, and the safety of the womb.These and more are the mysteries and powers within your very own Root Chakra.

Bask in the private, deeply healing environment that is Emerging Space to re-awaken this profound body-soul connection.We will open our morning with sacred ceremony around the labyrinth, followed by teachings from the Root Chakra: the body-mind-spirit connections that include the Animal, Plant, Gem and Mineral Kingdoms, our Ancestors and the purpose of our lives here on Earth.

In meditation you will stitch and embellish your own Root Chakra Archetype, as women have stitched and embellished in circles together forever.

Yummy and relaxing lunch, (catered by Sevilla)

We will deepen our sacred time with a Shamanic drumming meditation to help you recall the Animal Spirits that protect your Chakras.During this meditation a deep clearing and balancing of all of your chakras will occur.There will be opportunities for journaling and reflection, followed by performance art as you act out and embody the Animal Spirit that aligned with your Root Chakra.

You will leave this retreat ready to turn your attention to the fun and responsibilities of festive season ahead, your Root Chakra filled with love, confidence, and a renewed sense of your true connection to all that is.

$140  Register Here

Holiday Wreath making Class

Saturday November 24th 10:30am to 1pm

Emerging Space Greenhouse

401 Prospect Way Princeton

Artisan’s Fair

Saturday December 1st 10:00am to 4pm

Pardini’s Nursery

401 Prospect Way Princeton.

Full Moon Ceremony

Saturday December 22nd 4pm

Emerging Space Greenhouse

401 Prospect Way Princeton

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