Emerging Space Greenhouse

401 Prospect Way, Half Moon Bay Harbor

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Spirit~Quest Collage Circle

Saturday, January 12th 10:30am ~ 1pm

Emerging Space Greenhouse

“ What if we’re all meant to do what we secretly dream?” “What would you ask if you knew you could have anything?” Jena Stanfield

To celebrate this new year of infinite potential we will gather to create a Spirit-Quest Collage. The richness of 2019 will be revealed. Your creation will give voice to vague whisperings and expand them into clear focus. With Sage wisdom, you will intuitively create a treasure map of divine direction. It will be a visual guide to the abundance that is your birthright. This creation will become a power source of faith throughout the year. It will show you where to focus your energy. It will provide confidence to proceed on the path of your dreams with ease and grace through darkness and storms. This Spirit-Quest Collage will hold tomorrow’s gifts that await you.

What new pleasures, adventures and skills will you discover in this new year?
What will bring you the most joy?
What actions will best soothe your soul?
What will make your spirit soar?
What will empower you to rise to your highest calling?
What magnificence awaits you in 2019?

The universe has placed so many new prizes just out of
your sight. In this gathering we will listen to the silent
megaphone of the Goddess and create a visual
looking-glass, a Collage of knowingness.

$40 includes all supplies
RSVP by email text 650-303-5515
Tamara Trejo

Full Moon Ceremony

Sunday January 20th 4:30pm

In this gathering we will enjoy our annual Year in Review slide~show. We will dive deeper into manifesting and strengthening our magnetic attraction to our dreams in the New Year that is full of pure potential.  Bring your journal, drum and two blankets.


Saturday January 26th 10:30am ~ 1pm

In this season of long dreamy nights, we will gather to intuitively create SoulCollage® cards that will reveal the many, powerful parts of ourselves; Cards that speak of our truest soul essences; Cards that speak of our dreams. This process is a way of giving visual credence to who we really are, who we have been and who we will become.

“It’s by honoring and naming each of our parts that we become a new whole”   Seena B. Frost

No previous experience necessary.
If you have made SoulCollage® cards in the past,
please bring your cards.

All supplies will be provided.
You choose offering Sliding Scale $25 ~ $50

RSVP email or text 650- 303-5515
Looking forward to creating with you on this day of dreaming.
Tamara Trejo

Your Secret Formula for 2019

With Dr. Mary Baxter

Sunday, January 27, 2019 10:30am ~ 1pm


Personal Essence ~ Elixir

In this workshop learn how flower essences and gemstone elixirs promote balance and healing of your body, mind and spirit.  From a comprehensive collection of mother gemstone elixirs and flower essences, you will get to develop a personalized formula to help you thrive in 2019.  As you select the essences and elixirs that are specifically for you – using an intuitive process that I will teach you. You will learn key information about yourself that will help you grow during the year.  You will preserve your formula in a Violet Glass bottle to mist yourself and your environment as you excel in your intentions for 2019.

All supplies are included.  No experience is necessary.  Registration:  $45



Practical Intuition Workshop

Saturday February 2nd 10:30am ~ 1pm

Facilitated by Dr. Mary Baxter

In this workshop you will learn methods to free your mind so that you can tell the difference between what is true and what is false.  Seriously.  Not only is this possible, it is essential for the development of your intuitive abilities.  I call this Practical Intuition.  This is a hands-on, experiential workshop.

You will learn:

•What intuition is and how and why it works.

•How to use Muscle Testing.

•How to use Pendulum Dowsing.

•Basics of Questions & Lists

Workshop fee:  $35 includes Pendulum and Getting Started with Your Pendulum book.


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