Harvest Moon

On this last full moon of summer, we harvested wisdom.  Just before sunset we gathered at the beach to honor the Roman Goddess, Vesta, and her undying flame.

Our rituals, songs, and words were incantations to invoke the spirit of Vesta that lives in our home (the place our soul resides).  In preparation for this time of extending dark nights, we readied ourselves to be the flame of wisdom and shine light into the darkness for our loved ones.

Donna Scheflier, led us in the opening of the sand dollar ritual. It was symbolic of our inner knowingness and of giving flight to our dreams.  At the water’s edge we broke open the beautiful sand dollars to discover the tiny doves within, that were waiting to be released.

As I gave instructions for the blind~guide walk, I wondered, is this an exercise, ritual, or practice? It was and lesson in trust and tender guidance. The ladies partnered with an unfamiliar circle sister, one became a guide and the other a blind (eyes closed) seeker.  They softly touched, and with very little words, the seer guided the seeker down the beach and around to a sea treasure prize.  The seeker kept her eyes closed and trusted that her guide would not let her stumble or fall.  

Like the Vestal Virgins who kept Vesta’s flame burning for centuries, we Moon Mothers kept our camp fire burning throughout circle speak time.  In lieu of our traditional talking stick, we kept order by way of wisdom wands (12″branches of apple wood).  One by one, each woman shared her words of wisdom, then placed her wisdom wand into the fire.harvest-moon-03

img_3208Still seated around the fire, Leah led us in the song,  I am Light,  by India Arie.  Still singing, we slowly rose to our feet and transitioned to chant and move to, Earth my Body, Water my Blood, Air my Breath, Fire my Spirit.harvest-moonHappy Autumn, may the spirit of Vesta inhabit you home.

Thank you Erica Crawford for the wonderful camera work.


Tamara Trejo





Harvest Moon

By Nicole Klimper

                 By Nicole Klimper

The many powerful aspects of this auspicious full moon brought an increased awareness and appreciation for her presence. Few could escape the allure of this phenomenal coinciding of lunar wonder manifesting as Harvest, Super, Full Eclipse, Blood Moon. We Moon Mothers gathered on the beach to experience the spectacular sunset and magical moonrise.

Our spirits lifted greeting one another and marveling at the blessing of perfect weather at our sandy, sacred ceremonial grounds. The conch was blown and our circled gathered, aglow with the golden hue of the setting sun. Commencing ritual, we called in the seven directions and invited our chosen loved ones to join us in spirit. As the sun bestowed upon us the day’s final light, we shared a wealth of joyful singing, wishes and gifts with the women who chose to be born in the months of August and September.

DSCN4865 DSCN4856Honored on this full moon was Roman Goddess Vesta (or Hestia), Goddess of the Vestal Virgins, keeper of the hearth, and symbol of domestic tranquility. As daylight grows shorter, this time of year finds us tending and warming our homes, stoking fires in anticipation of visiting loved ones who will seek our guidance, just as Vesta kept the sacred hearth alight and guided the Vestal Virgins. We began our honoring of Vesta with a moving meditation practice called the “Blind Walk”. Paired together, eyes closed, using only the guiding words and embrace of our fellow Moon Mother, we were each lead to our sand dollar prize. To inner grains of sand we attached our worries, fears and encumbrances and freed them from hearts by shattering the sand dollar and casting it all to the sea.



Liberated and nourished by the meditation we gathered around the fire for Circle Speak, sharing gifts of wisdom and poetry, each of us feeding the flames of the hearth with our wooden “wisdom wands”. Always so beautifully diverse in its array of maidens, mothers, and crones, our circle was abundant with a ripe harvest of insight and inspiration. We gleaned timeless quotes, artfully crafted verse and life learned lessons that resonated in our hearts as the moon glow began to shine atop the bluff.


Our voices rang into the night as we closed our circle in song. We heartily and excitedly called down the unique full moon just as her eclipse began to peak, gracing us with her presence in her rare and mystical shade of rosy red.


The moon is most happy

When it is full.

And the sun always looks

Like a perfectly minted gold coin

That was just polished

And placed in flight

By God’s playful Kiss.

And so many varieties of fruit

Hang plump and round

From branches that seem like Sculptor’s hands.

I see the curve of a pregnant belly

Shaped by the soul within,

And the Earth itself,

And the planets and the Spheres-

I have gotten the hint:

There is something about circles

The Beloved likes.


Within the Circle of a Perfect One

There is an Infinite Community

Of Light.


Harvest Moon & American Goddess

On the harvest moon we will gather at the beach to honor Vesta, Goddess of the hearth.  Hope you can join our circle.

harvest moon01_2015

You’re invited to the launch of my new book, American Goddess.

Sunday October 4th. 12:30 ’til 3pm

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American Goddess exhibit opening & book signing reception will begin shortly after church service.

You’re welcome to attend herchurch morning service at 10:30am.

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Reverend Stacy Boorn’s passionate Goddess wisdom delivered with divine grace.
Through song, dance and sipping from the cup of enlightenment, the spirit of the Goddess is energized.
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Tamara Trejo
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Harvest Moon

Mary Baxter

Mary Baxter

Waves crashed a few feet from the circle of Moon Mothers who accepted the invitation to honor the Goddess Vesta, Keeper of the Hearth, on this Harvest moon, the last full Moon of Summer.vesta07

We celebrated around a fire pit laid in the sand, later to be fed with the Wisdom Wands of each Sister, sharing quotes and poetry brought specially to this hearth of hearts.vesta04

There is a rhythm to the rituals that flow through the Moon Mothers as this ever- evolving group of women experiences the realms of the Goddess as directed and interpreted by Tamara Trejo. First we form a circle, this one blessed by a family of dolphins that swam by us and waved as we began to gather. What a beautiful sign.

We purified our energies and the land on which we stood with the ceremonial smudging of sage. Next, holding hands – left hand facing up to receive, the right hand facing down to give – we opened our circle, each inviting loved ones not able to be present for the moment. The four Sisters born in the month of September, all standing right next to each other, completely unplanned, in our larger circle, were celebrated as we sang and circled around them, each of us offering a birthday wish to them, and then receiving their thanks.



The fire rose high, burning the Wisdom Wands as the words poured from the Moon Mothers, sharing what the Goddess Vesta had inspired.




Finally, with the glow of the Moon teasing through the fog, we called down the Moon, released the fullness in our hearts, and carried this beautiful sharing with the Natural World into our own homes, to our own hearths, welcoming what comes next.


 Goddess Vesta the hearth, and keeping the home

By Mary Baxter