December full moon ceremony Dedicated to Isis

Shannon Fern

Shannon Fern

On this December night, a clearing opened between the rains to present a glowing full moon as we gathered in honor of Isis–ancient Egyptian Goddess of reincarnation and resurrection.


We circled as the moon crept up from the trees, called in the seven directions and our beloved (I am always struck by the feeling of kinship we share in honoring our loved ones) and celebrated December birthdays. Laughter, poetry and words of wisdom were shared before we retreated to the parlor.

Birthday Goddesses

Birthday Goddesses

As we sat in circle and candlelight, Tammy shared the story of Isis and Osiris–and we learned a magical aspect of the story as we realized what of Osiris’ body parts Isis had to fashion for herself!  As a Goddess of wisdom and magic, Isis holds the keys that show us the records of where we have been and where we are going.

Then Dr. Lisa Chu and friend Joviana led us on a path downward, inward and out in a quest for visions and past life material. We began with relaxation and cleansing exercises, including releasing what needed to be expressed through the throat chakra. Howls, yelps and intonations filled the room! After these were exercised, we each found a place to sit or lay down, ready for a journey.


Dr. Lisa Chu and Joviana layered trance-inducing musical selections with their own musical performances, ranging from singing and chanting to drumming and other instrumentals, quietly changing locations for a curious sensation of comfort and dissonance–enough for us to breathe and experience the moment, and in many cases experience visions or inspiration. The music cycled, rhythmic, carrying to us through sound and vibration.

After this time concluded, we slowly and quietly rose to journal our experiences. Once we had recorded these and reflected quietly upon them, we gathered again in circle to share what our impressions were. This provided a rich experience in seeing how differently each woman’s journey was and the meaning she made of it. Expressions of energy, flying, swimming, sailing, smelling chocolate, the land and its seasons, and lessons learned were shared. Honest reflections of feeling resistance or just enjoying the moment or feeling the body’s exhaustion were also shared. Some of us shared communion with our beloved dead. The myriad of experiences deriving from the same room were embodied in one Peaceful Warrior’s image of all of our ethereal energy rising together from our bodies to the ceiling–individual strands, unified.

Isis is a Goddess of the Mysteries–she speaks symbolically and some of us wondered what dreams may come of this experience!

After much laughter and reflection, we gratefully closed the circle and stepped out to honor and call down the moon–this, the last of 2014. A light, nourished in darkness, begins to grow.

isis 04

By Shannon Fern


Happy Birthday Peaceful Warrior

Happy Birthday Peaceful Warrior

Harvest Moon

Mary Baxter

Mary Baxter

Waves crashed a few feet from the circle of Moon Mothers who accepted the invitation to honor the Goddess Vesta, Keeper of the Hearth, on this Harvest moon, the last full Moon of Summer.vesta07

We celebrated around a fire pit laid in the sand, later to be fed with the Wisdom Wands of each Sister, sharing quotes and poetry brought specially to this hearth of hearts.vesta04

There is a rhythm to the rituals that flow through the Moon Mothers as this ever- evolving group of women experiences the realms of the Goddess as directed and interpreted by Tamara Trejo. First we form a circle, this one blessed by a family of dolphins that swam by us and waved as we began to gather. What a beautiful sign.

We purified our energies and the land on which we stood with the ceremonial smudging of sage. Next, holding hands – left hand facing up to receive, the right hand facing down to give – we opened our circle, each inviting loved ones not able to be present for the moment. The four Sisters born in the month of September, all standing right next to each other, completely unplanned, in our larger circle, were celebrated as we sang and circled around them, each of us offering a birthday wish to them, and then receiving their thanks.



The fire rose high, burning the Wisdom Wands as the words poured from the Moon Mothers, sharing what the Goddess Vesta had inspired.




Finally, with the glow of the Moon teasing through the fog, we called down the Moon, released the fullness in our hearts, and carried this beautiful sharing with the Natural World into our own homes, to our own hearths, welcoming what comes next.


 Goddess Vesta the hearth, and keeping the home

By Mary Baxter