Harvest Moon

On this last full moon of summer, we harvested wisdom.  Just before sunset we gathered at the beach to honor the Roman Goddess, Vesta, and her undying flame.

Our rituals, songs, and words were incantations to invoke the spirit of Vesta that lives in our home (the place our soul resides).  In preparation for this time of extending dark nights, we readied ourselves to be the flame of wisdom and shine light into the darkness for our loved ones.

Donna Scheflier, led us in the opening of the sand dollar ritual. It was symbolic of our inner knowingness and of giving flight to our dreams.  At the water’s edge we broke open the beautiful sand dollars to discover the tiny doves within, that were waiting to be released.

As I gave instructions for the blind~guide walk, I wondered, is this an exercise, ritual, or practice? It was and lesson in trust and tender guidance. The ladies partnered with an unfamiliar circle sister, one became a guide and the other a blind (eyes closed) seeker.  They softly touched, and with very little words, the seer guided the seeker down the beach and around to a sea treasure prize.  The seeker kept her eyes closed and trusted that her guide would not let her stumble or fall.  

Like the Vestal Virgins who kept Vesta’s flame burning for centuries, we Moon Mothers kept our camp fire burning throughout circle speak time.  In lieu of our traditional talking stick, we kept order by way of wisdom wands (12″branches of apple wood).  One by one, each woman shared her words of wisdom, then placed her wisdom wand into the fire.harvest-moon-03

img_3208Still seated around the fire, Leah led us in the song,  I am Light,  by India Arie.  Still singing, we slowly rose to our feet and transitioned to chant and move to, Earth my Body, Water my Blood, Air my Breath, Fire my Spirit.harvest-moonHappy Autumn, may the spirit of Vesta inhabit you home.

Thank you Erica Crawford for the wonderful camera work.


Tamara Trejo






Thick fog shrouded the setting sun and rising moon, bringing the dark of night soon after we cast out circle.  On this chilly night, we dedicated our ceremony to the one who goes by many names ( Gaia, Tara, Mother Earth, Mawu and may more).   In respect for our African ancestors, in this ritual, we called her Mawu. Through our heart, feet and back bodies, we connected to her subtle resonance.

When we rose from our story telling circle, intuitively half the women picked up a drum and the other half silently began to walk the labyrinth.mawu  Without words, our drumming synchronized to the pulse of Mawu’s heart beat.

The labyrinth walkers connected to Mawu through their feet as they stepped to the tempo of the drums.mawu05 Like a slow moving river,  the walkers flowed from the labyrinth and began to drum as the drummers flowed into the labyrinth.  The cadence of Mawu’s heart beat stayed steady through the exchange of walkers and rhythm keepers.

Upon returning to our circle, we laid on our backs in meditation to connect deeper with Mawu.  Extending our first red root chakra deep into Mawu, and tethering it to her beautiful crystals, we became one with Mother Earth herself.

On this breezy night our altar candles blew out again and again. Surrendering to nature we repositioned our intimate circle into a cozy dark cocoon for circle speak.  I could hear the presence of Mawu in the timber of their voices as they spoke of their connection to Mother Earth.mawu01  This ancient practice of embodying Mawu had subtly changed the energy of the women in our circle.  Our closing chant was simultaneously grounding and releasing.

Until we meet again, stay grounded with a light heart.

Thank you to all the volunteers who helped rebuild the labyrinth.



Tamara Trejo



Wisdom of Atremis

On this high summer, full moon night, the women were called to the Enchanted forest by the silent whisper of the Goddess. With a clear view of the sun melting into mother ocean, we cast our circle atop the wooded bluff top. Anointed with essential oil and fairy dust, we opened our intuitive sixth chakra to become clear conduits of Goddess wisdom.artemis01Artemis03Our individual clear minds became one universal master mind of true wisdom and right action.artemis02In deep appreciation for each other and the world, we began our pilgrimage through the forest to forge deeper into ourselves and become more clear of our intentions.  Without words, mindful of each step, we walked deliberately.  Consuming the beauty of the forest, songs of the birds, scent of the soil and cypress, we dissolved the veils of separateness.artemis04 With a heightened sense of light and sound we returned to our circle to enjoy the ancient story of Artemis.

The peaceful warrior Goddess, Artemis is known to be a midwife, way~shower, incredible athlete, unerring archer and tribe leader of wood nymphs.  Born with an astonishing aim and the power to always hit her target, she eventually became vain and competitive.  One day her twin brother, Apollo, tricked her into shooting and killing her only true love, Orion.  With a broken heart, she turned Orion into a star constellation and vowed to only use her talent as an archer to protect and serve.  She chose to leave her family and live in the forest.  Her father, Zeus, created a tribe of feminine wood nymphs to keep her company.  Artemis has become the archetype of transformation through tragedy.  The warrior Goddess, Artemis, protects women, is deeply connected to Mother Earth, and shines her light so others can find their way…

Artemis05We aligned our wisdom tunnel with the full moon.  One by one, each woman closed her eyes and slowly walked thru the two lines of women who whispered of her magnificence.  When she opened her eyes at the end of the tunnel, Mother moon was shining low on the horizon, symbolizing Artemis’ guiding light.artemis06

Next full moon ceremony Thursday August 18th.  details coming soon.

In the meantime your invited to Summer Half-Day Women’s Retreat

Facitlitated by Donna Scheifler
Labyrinth at Redwood Shores Saturday, July 30th, 1-5pm

This is your chance to recharge.

Mindfulness practices, meditation, journaling
and walking a Labyrinth
will help you get back in touch
with your resilient self.

Please RSVP   http://www.yourtimetoblossom.com


Tamara Trejo


Bold Goddess Freyja circle


Gina Chang

Gina Chang

We opened our night with a circle outside, under a lavender sky. The sound of the ocean cradling our voices, as we called out to the goddesses, seven directions, ancestors, and those near and dear to us.

We circled and sang to the women who chose to be born in June: Donna, Leah, Amy. We gave these three our love and blessings and received theirs in return…the image of a poppy and the advice to open to our light from Donna, wise words and a beautiful song from Leah, ring of fire in the form of a warm and fuzzy necklace from Amy.

We moved inside for a few moments to learn about Freya, the Norse goddess of love, sexuality, fertility, prosperity, and magic. One of my favorite days of the week, Friday, was named after Freya – a day to stop working and start playing. With Freya we celebrate our boldness.

And then outside again to experience one bold act together, running out into the cold ocean, with pants and skirts hiked high (some higher than others…celebrating Freya and the Moon quite literally 😉


wadein the water

As we washed our feet in the flower petal and ginger laced tubs of cold and warm water, we gathered around the fire to warm up with celebratory belly laughs.


Inside for circle speak, where we bravely shared our boldness. Some said YES! to bold acts of accepting love and moving into new places and into the unknown…some said NO! cutting people or situations or environments out of their lives. And some spoke of bold acts yet to come. We spent time sending our loving thoughts of support and encouragement to one another.

Our closing circle and end of night conversations continued the spirit of our bold celebration into the night and beyond.

Mother Moon was at turns wearing her veil of clouds and sailing out from behind them to be seen and called out in all her glory and wild woman boldness.

By Gina Chang


Thank you Gina, for your wonderful writing.  Thank you Barbara for the great pictures.

Below are some upcoming  offerings by the Moon Mothers.

Drum Circle


This small group of women (beginning drummers) gather once a month to drum for souls sake.

Sunday June 22nd Noon lunch (potluck) 1pm to 3pm drumming.

Please RSVP  Annette Ward (650) 355-9134  divinegrace914@gmail.com


Half-day Women’s Retreat

Facilitated by Donna Scheifler

Sunday, June 22, 2014
To avoid the heat of the noonday sun  we’ll gather 2 – 5 pm.

Mindfulness, meditation, and journaling will help you get back in touch with your deeper self and with what wants to blossom in you. Let the beauty in nature and power of a women’s circle restore you. Leave inspired with a sense of how you want to step into your summer.

Pulgas Ridge10450520_678512905563061_1991724159127187172_n

Open Space Preserve

Entrance on Edmonds Rd
Redwood City, CA
(near Hwy 280 & Edgewood Road)

Cost: $30
Bring a friend and
you can both attend for $50

RSVP by calling 650-366-5510





Portrait of Self  in Half Moon Bay

soulcollage june

 New Moon Goddess Celebration

Sunday, June 29th, 630pm at Dina’s home.

UnknownHonoring   Hindu Goddess Tara

Please Join us for Stories, Poems, & Ceremony
Bring your journals, Dress Warm, Bring a Blanket
Host- Dina Ayala, CMT 650-557-0544
My new website address:
My Blog:
Shelley Moore, Soul Purpose Reader 650-303-9250

Where: 912 Anza Drive Pacifica
Please RSVP to Dina
650 557-0544

Donations Appreciated ($10-$30)


Lakshmi Circle

ChrishomeUpon entering, each woman walked on gold satin laced with shiny coins and was showered with fresh rose petals by Sweet Light Donna Scheifler.  As she walked along the path she was met by Peaceful Warrior Elaine McMaster, who placed a bindi on her third eye to stimulate her intuition and serotonin factory.

We cast our circle under cotton candy clouds in honor of the Goddess Lakshmi. In loving kindness, we celebrated Nancy Petty. Returning our energy, she gifted each of us with a heart-shaped rock that she found at the beach.


As night fell we retreated into the cozy candle-lit round room.  There our circle became two, one nestled inside the other.  To attract the blessings of Lakshmi by way of brilliance, we shined our spirits with the spoken word.  Each woman looked across the circle to find her circle sister mirror.  Then with talking stick in hand, one by one we spoke of our own brilliance and the light we see in each other.  Being acknowledged for our brilliant gifts and speaking of them in a circle of receptive women ignited our sense of richness.

lakshmi circle

To keep this flame glowing we wrote a letter to our selves and one to a randomly chosen circle sister.  The letters were collected and will be mailed on the next new moon.

The Hindu Goddess Lakshmi is the bridge between earthly wealth and divine abundance. She is attracted to brilliant souls and blesses them with abundant prosperity.  We Moon Mothers recognize the many forms of abundance and open ourselves to receiving.

Thank you Chris Ridgeway for creating the most enchanting home, and for opening it to our circle.  Your kind generosity is deeply appreciated.  May you be abundantly blessed by Lakshmi.


Tammy Trejo


Goddess Vesta on the Harvest Moon

Leah Walters

Leah Walters

It is the last full moon of summer, and Mother Moon shined so bright.

The autumnal equinox will take place this coming Sunday – a time to turn our attention toward our homes, our hearth, and our inner wisdom. To honor the full moon and change of season, we wise women gathered at the beach to pay homage to the Divine Feminine and the Goddess Vesta – Goddess of the Hearth.


The ancient goddess Vesta, known to the Greeks as Hestia, represents the heart of the home and the perpetual flame of wisdom. She was the source of great knowledge for her clan: the great Roman Empire. Vestal virgins dedicated their lives to keeping Vesta’s eternal flame burning in her temple, ensuring that the light of wisdom she possessed for the family of Rome would never go out. Great warriors went to war for the empire, but would always return to the fire and hearth of Vesta.  We too possess the great power and wisdom of Vesta in our own beings.

How can we manifest the spirit of Vesta in our own lives?
In order to allow the voice of our wisdom to surface, we must first let go of what may be holding us from speaking our truth.  Sweet Light Donna Scheifler led us in a moving manifestation exercise through a Sand Dollar ritual

vesta201302Hold the fragile sand dollar to your ear and give it a shake – hear the tiny doves waiting to be released, hear the dreams or goals whispering inside, waiting for your permission to truly manifest? We must break the sand dollar open, let go of our own self-created barriers and release the dreams and goals we secretly hold inside! It is time to allow ourselves to become who we truly are, who we are meant to be as Human Beings, as Women – the American Goddess.vesta201306
*See the bottom of this blog post for Donna’s Sand Dollar Ritual

With our barriers gone… How do we become wise women?

We live into it – we gather it  from our own life experiences and also from the fellowship of our wise sisters. Tonight we have prepared these words of wisdom to share with one another.  A fire is lit to honor the wise goddess Vesta, and talking sticks in the form of kindling are passed to each Moon Mother.  As each woman shares her words of wisdom in the glow of firelight, it soon becomes clear that we are all keepers of the undying feminine flame of Vesta. We all have a separate wisdom and story to share from our own unique lives. Wisdom ranges from the meaning of a Beatles song to Maya Angelou to the code of the pirate! Each piece of wisdom is extraordinary, beautiful and symbolic of a Moon Mother’s journey and experience.  After each woman shares her wisdom, she adds her talking stick (kindling) to the fire to keep the blaze alive. It is a true blessing to witness this event, and a reminder of the wisdom and strength a circle of women provides to one another.

vesta 201301

In the spirit of Vesta and autumn, we must remember to maintain a wise flame to those around us.
So stack your fire wood, light your candles, and prepare your hearth as a flame of wisdom and solace – your clan will be returning soon.  By Leah Walters

Sand Dollar Ritual by Donna Scheifler

Shake your Sand Dollar and listen to the birds/doves rattling around inside.

They symbolize your Intentions / Dreams / Wishes / Hopes.

They can’t fly free until the Sand Dollar is broken open …

Until we break open

Whatever is locked up inside of us

Whatever we’ve been holding onto

Whatever has been holding us back

Our Intentions / Dreams / Wishes / Hopes

Are not allowed to fly free …

Are not able to manifest

When we can break through / release / let go of all of this

Then we can give wings to our

Intentions / Dreams / Wishes / Hopes

Trust that

Whatever needs to be released

Whatever old limiting beliefs that have held us back

Will be revealed to us

Go to the water’s edge and break open your Sand Dollars …
harvest moon 2013Thank you Leah for the nice writing.  Thank you Donna for leading us in the rich sand dollar ritual.

Donna is offering a wonder self actualization class called Your time to Blossom. Here is a link for more information. www.yourtimetoblossom.com

Our next gathering will be a Crone ceremony on the New Moon Friday October 4th.  Details coming soon.

Hope you all celebrate the change of season and keep the home fire burning brightly.




Last Full Moon Ceremony of 2012

Sweet Light of the Divine Feminine

Sweet Light of the Divine Feminine

Last Full Moon of 2012 by

Donna Scheifler (Sweet Light of the Divine Feminine)

The Moon Mothers gathered on Fri, Dec 28th, for the last Full Moon Ceremony of 2012, keenly aware that this was a time of endings and beginnings.  Out behind Tammy’s studio, in the cold, crisp winter air, we cast our circle as we called in the women we wanted to have join us, called in the spirits of the seven directions, and blessed each other with fragments of sage (in keeping with the story of Isis and Osiris told below).  We sang and honored those women born in the month of December – Elaine, Kelly and Lisa – and they gifted us with peace, song and sound healing.

From there we processed back inside and recreated our circle in Tammy’s warm and inviting sitting room.  Tammy shared with us the amazing story of Isis, the Goddess of Reincarnation.

Tammy commented that whenever we have an experience of déjà vu it may be an indication of a past life experience or relationship.  Quite possibly, the Moon Mothers of Half Moon Bay have known one another before.  At this time of endings and beginnings – at the end of one year and the beginning of another – we were invited to consider what messages from the past could help us deal with our current life situations.

To prepare for this, Linda Grace got us up and moving … bending & stretching, twisting & turning, grounding & lifting up.  Once we were “in our bodies” we were invited to stretch out on the floor or find a comfortable seat.

Once settled, Meta Orear guided us through a Past Life Meditation.  She reminded us that we create the stories of our present life.  We create the stories of our past lives.  We create the stories of our lives in parallel dimensions.  In each case they are stories.

Whatever was to come up, whatever was to come to our imagination, there was a message for us.  The purpose of looking at past stories is to highlight information in this lifetime.  We were asked to consider:

  • What is it that we have been working with?
  • What are we working with currently?
  • What do we want to take from our past into our future?
  • What do we want to let go of?

With that in mind, we imagined that we were each sitting in our most favorite, most comfortable chair.  As we relaxed deeper into our chair, we realized that chair was our anchor and we that we could float up to any part of the universe that we chose … and come back to it whenever we chose.

We then noticed that we were enclosed in a sphere of blue indigo violet, an orb.  We noted how it felt to be in that beautiful space, in that bubble.  In a wonderful state of relaxation, we began to float on an incredible journey until we landed.  As we looked out from our bubble, we realized that there was a door filled with golden light calling to us.  We got out of our comfortable chair, pushed the door open and stepped out.  We were invited to notice our surroundings and allow the images of our story to develop in our imagination.

We were assured that we would remember the feelings and the images that would develop into a message as we traveled back through time, through space, landing once again back in Tammy’s warm and inviting sitting room.

We were encouraged to remember particularly the feelings that we had, no matter what vision we may have come to and consider how all of that related to present time.

  • What is the message?
  • Is it something you are bringing forward?
  • Is it something you are releasing?

Once we all “arrived” back we had the chance to write about the experience to anchor in the information and make it clearer for us.  It goes without saying that the Circle Speak sharing that followed was deep and profound.

We were all grateful for this chance to be together in such an intimate way at this special time of the year … with all its endings and beginnings.  We released the circle and went back outside to call down the Full Moon that hadn’t quite crested “over the hill”.   Then it was time to party and celebrate those December birthday’s, especially Kellie because it was her birthday. She treated us all to dinner at a lovely restaurant.

By Donna Scheifler

Journal writing before circle speak

Journal writing before circle speak


Thank you Donna Scheifler, for the beautifully written synopsis.  You are a very special woman. I am open and ready for your wise teachings and looking forward to joining your circle at the end of the month.

Below is more information about Donna’s circle.  There is still space available.  Contact her if you are interested in truly blossoming this year.  We may create a coastside carpool to attend this sacred circle.

Your Time to Blossom

Here’s a link to her website. www.yourtime to blossom.com

Short video from circle speak  Golden Dragon.

Happy New Year hope you all manifest your truest dreams.

See you next full moon.