October Offerings

You’re Invited October Gatherings Full Moon Ceremony Wednesday, October 24th, 6pm SoulCollage® Saturday October 27th 10:30am ~ 1pm Yoga Retreat Saturday October 27th  4 ~ 6:30pm These three circles will be held in Emerging Space Greenhouse (New Home of the Moon Mothers) inside Pardini’s Nursery 401 Prospect Way Half Moon Bay     Full Moon […]

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Sacred Space

For the last seven years, we Moon Mothers have gathered for our August full moon ceremony at the Maverick’s Beach labyrinth. Last year it was destroyed, all symmetrically placed rocks had been removed.  When I saw the devastation I was appalled and vowed to rebuild it.  With fire energy, I called upon the Moon Mothers for a […]

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Super Moon in the Redwoods

Full Moon Ceremony Dedicated to the Goddess Ixchel Ixchel came into consciousness through the ancient Mayan people.  The Mayan’s were mighty warriors and amazingly advanced astronomers. They had many Gods for different aspects of life, but only one Goddess, Ixchel.  She presided over healing and midwifery. In ancient depictions she is portrayed as a crone […]

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