You’re invited Full Moon Ceremony

October Full Moon Ceremony
Dedicated to Lakshmi ~
 Hindu Goddess of Prosperity

(Moon Mothers 10 year anniversary)

Sunday October 13th 6pm


On this night we will embody the abundant light of Lakshmi. We will see our own brilliance through the eyes of others and keenly connect to our soul gifts.

Please bring  two self addressed envelopes, writing tablet, pen and a blanket.

Let me know if you will attend.
email or text 303-5515

Expression of appreciation $20 ~ $50

Hope to see you when the moon is full.

Tamara Trejo


Standing steady on the mountain top at dawn.  My gaze fixed on the eastern horizon patently waiting for daybreak. Slowly tracing my breath from my feet to my crown feeling like a chestnut tree deeply rooted in mother earth.

The tiny bright amber-gold-orange light of the rising sun looking like a half dome on the horizon. Feeling my ancestors standing behind me, balancing me and holding me safe in the moment. Every cell in my body alive with creative impulses I stood still, drinking in the moment.  Sun rising into a full blinding orb perched just above the horizon too bright, my gaze turns upward.  It’s rays shining on clouds appearing like cotton candy dipped in honey hanging in a sparkling ocean blue sky, of slow shifting hues. The infinite possibilities of this auspicious day filling me with subtle joy. The core of my being strong with knowledge of other worlds, I dare not move.

I was witnessing sunrise of the Autumnal Equinox, the moment of planetary balance between light and dark. This natural annual event washed my heart back to infantile innocence. 

The kaleidoscope of color presented by the rising sun gradually turned to a pale white-blue sky.  Silently I stood on the mountain top, tongue resting at the roof of my mouth, lips gently touching, truly satiated in this moment.

Then the brightness of this special new day too much for my eyes.  I turned my face towards the silent valley.

Whoop, Whoop, Whoop, the sound of wings beckoned my attention.  There, at my left shoulder was a pure white dove.  She began a soft Coo-coo  Coo-coo Coo-coo song.  Enthralled I had to join her song, Coo-coo Coo-coo Coo-coo.  Peace, peace, peace.

In that moment the mystery of my life purpose was revealed.

I am merely a catalyst. 

Friday the 13th

On Friday the 13th, Harvest Moon, we dedicated our ceremony to Freyja the Bold Goddess of celebration.  13 Moon Mothers showed up and it was epic.

“A pictures worth a thousand words”.

 Slideshow symbolic of 21,000 words.

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We are still a week away from the Autumnal Equinox. Harvest Moon felt like the apex of summer a sweet slide into Fall.

Hope you all savor the colors of the season, create beauty and connect deeply with the natural world.  We Moon Mothers have some creative, soul nourishing events planned at the Nursery.  Please visit our events page for details.

Hope to see you in the Greenhouse.



Tamara Trejo

Harvest Moon

Full Moon Ceremony Field Trip

Friday September 13th 7pm

On this Harvest Moon we will gather at South Mira Mar beach;
Dedicate our ceremony to Freyja,
the bold Norse Goddess of celebration
Bring a blanket, flash light and a drum.

 If you have a conch trumpet bring it.

Token of appreciation $20 – $50
Please RSVP email or Text 650-303-5515
Driving directions

Ignore the sign that read No beach access.  Walk to the end of the road down the bluff to the sand.  You’ll find us there.

Spirit Animals

What!? A slow lumbering elephant, oh no, I am more of an agile gazelle. A white dove, don’t think so, I am fierce like an eagle or a hawk.  Really; a slimy green frog, now your just making fun of me.  I think of myself as a charming butterfly not a warty frog.  That was the dialog in my immature mind, when I started discovering my Spirit animals.

I’ve alway been curious about my animal instincts and had an inkling that specific animals spirits guided my actions.  I began seeking out ways to reveal them.  Through deep Shamanic journey meditations and body printing I asked them to reveal themselves.  When they did my ego got in the way, my first reaction was not welcoming.  Luckily I had some wise teachers to help me understand and accept the powerful attributes of these spirited creatures as my guides. 

Finding my totem animal spirit guides, has given me a better understanding of who I truly am.  My spirit animals have been present in my being since birth. This discovery explains my life choices, compulsions and rejections.  It has taught me that I am not in control of everything.  Their powerful attributes has propelled my actions.  When I recognized and understood their innate instincts it made perfect sense in light of my true spirit. 

Ella 05

The characteristics of the Elephant, Dove and Frog are intrinsic to my true primal spirit. I am a leader (elephant) who separates the veils between the physical and spiritual world (dove). I am fertile with creative new ideas and fresh perspectives, (frog).

Who are you?


By, Tamara Trejo

Moon Mothers Circle Leader

You’re Invited Full Moon Ceremony

Full Moon Ceremony

Thursday August 15th 7:30pm

Women Only

Dedicated to Saraswatti  Hindu Goddess of Art and wisdom

Sarawatti copy

On this night we will invoke the creative spirit of Saraswati. Through an ancient drum meditation, we will dive deep into our embodied, spirit-animal totems. We will Distill, our stream of consciousness writing into poetry and expressive art.

Please bring, writing tablet, pen, and two blankets.

RSVP email or text 650-303-5515

We honor you

Craving Change

By Shannan Riley Gotschall

I am craving change

My tides are changing

They’re rearranging my view

Teaching my body and brain new things to do

Becoming me has taken a lifetime

Leaving behind who they thought I was

I am reaaranging

I am crashing tides

Washing away what I no longer need

Casting aside what no longer serves me

Becoming the stronger version of me

  Powerful me

Changes the voiceless

Airless me

I am crashing tides

I am craving change


Shannan Riley Gotschall

Below is a little slideshow from last night’s full moon ceremony in the Enchanted Forest.

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We gather to honor the divine feminine goddess and each other.  Hope you can join us next full moon.



Tamara Trejo


July Full Moon

You’re invited Full Moon Ceremony

Field Trip

Tuesday July 16th 7:30pm
Enchanted Forest Moss Beach
Dedicated to Mother Earth

On this night we will tune into the subtle vibration of Mother Earth; By way of a walking and drumming meditation we will connect deeply with the living Goddess who goes by many names. Through ancient ritual we will nurture our soul, spirit and body.

Wear comfortable shoes and dress in layers.
Bring a blanket and a flash light.
Please RSVP by email or text 650-303-5515

Let me know if you need directions

Radiant Hecate

Dear Goddess Hecate,

To invoking your spirit I walked the meandering labyrinth in meditative prayer. I chanted your name and kept rhythm with my drum. I did feel a shift in my spirit and felt that you gave me the answer I was seeking, but…

Are you real?  Did you hear my summons?  Is it true that you are an invisible Goddess that stands at the crossroads of my difficult life path choices? Do you really hold two torches that light the way for me to glimpse both directions before choosing a path?  Is it true that you are most powerful at sunrise and sunset when the veils between the worlds are the thinnest? Is it true that you hold a powerful crescent shaped sickle that cuts ties to the path not taken to ensure there’s no turning back.  Is it true that you are the Goddess of magic, the way shower and will guide me to the path of my best and truest life purpose? Old Goddess cloaked in a black hooded gown, how can I trust you?  I mean no disrespect but my sometimes my curiosity prevails over my faith.



Truth Quester


Dear Truth Quester,

I am as real as you are. Perhaps I summoned you.  When you come to a crossroad  always take a standing pause, like Mother Earth on the Solstice, it may take time to turn on your axes but you orbit is in perfect alignment. My torch lights are your heart sparks. Quite your intellectual mind and listen to your luminance heart. Your deepest truths are whispers in the liminal state of waking from sleep.  You can only live life forward with confidence, living backwards only brings regret and soul sorrow.  The magic of clairvoyance resides in your indigo third eye just above you brows. You need only to clear the noisy static of the everyday world by way of inward meditation, trace your breath as you walk the labyrinth, sound the rhythm of your heartbeat with the drum; In these mindful rituals you will become a clear conduit of your own intuitive magic.  You are an ancient being.  Your cells contain the DNA of your ancestral Grandmothers and all the divine feminine Goddesses which hold universal wisdom.  Trust your instinctual chimes they are tuned to frequency of the Divine.  I am a mythological archetype that represents your own clairvoyance and inner knowing. My story has been told for eons and will continue on for forever.



Goddess Hecate


You’re invited

Full Moon Ceremony

Monday June 17th 8pm

Dedicated to Hecate  Greek Goddess of Magic.

She stands bearing light at the dark crossroads of life.

On this night we will invoke the clarity of Hecate. Through walking labyrinth meditation, drumming and ancient ritual, we will keenly connect to the wisdom of Hecate.

Please bring, blanket, drum, rattle or some kind of rhythm maker.

Let me know if you will attend. email or text 650-303-5515


We have a lot of other wonderful circles in the Greenhouse, check out our events page