Summer Solstice Retreat Celebration

On this last day of the long summer solstice pause, we gathered in circle to celebrate the natural holiday.  We gathered to celebrate the pinnacle of light energy.

As Circle Leader and Time Keeper I put care and craft into choreographing our time together.  I witnessed an ardent soul resurgence in the women of our circle.  The impulsive artist, soulful writer, playful inner child, knowing wise woman, rhymic drummer and harmonizing singer were enlivened and activated in each woman.  It was a profound experience.

Below is a side-show to give you a glimpse into our day.

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May the Energy of High Summer sustain your creative endeavors all season.

We will gather again on Saturday, July 8th at 7:30pm in the Enchanted Forest of Moss Beach for Full Moon Ceremony.  Details coming soon.

Happy Summer,



Tamara Trejo

Stillpath Summer Solstice Retreat

You’re invited,

Stillpath Summer Solstice

 Triple Goddess Retreat
Gaia, Aphrodite & Saraswati

Wednesday June 21, 2pm – 9pm
Stillpath Retreat Center

12933105_996828550365629_3648891545404764537_n16350 Skyline Blvd. Woodside, CA 94062

Celebrate Summer with a spacious day of creativity,
self-care and connecting to Mother Earth.

On this natural holiday, we will celebrate the longest day of the year through the ancient ritual of honoring ourselves and the natural world.
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Saturday Stillpath SoulCollage


SoulCollage® is an intuitive process of telling ones personal story without words.

“It’s by honoring and naming each of our parts that we become a new whole.”  Seena Frost

On this day we did just that.

Some dove deeply and some treaded lightly.  Each woman told her~story or rewrote it.

Without words, I’ll share our day with you.

Hope you can join our next circle.  We will gather again at Stillpath on the Summer Solstice. Wednesday, June 21st.



Tamara Trejo

Goddess Ixchel ~ Medicine Woman

The ancient Maya believed in many Gods, but only one Goddess, Ixchel;  Medicine woman, sage, and weaver.  She presides over child-birth, wounded warriors, and the ill.  She is depicted as a Crone, to symbolize wisdom. Her crown is a snake coiled on her head, symbolic of new life and awakened kundalini. There seems to be a little Hindu belief in this mythology, hence she is a weaver.  Ixchel, carries a large satchel over one shoulder and a walking stick in her other hand.  The large satchel symbolized strength and healing remedies, the walking stick, a symbol of her earth travels.

All women of our Moon Mothers tribe, possess a unique healing gift.  Some heal by way of traditional and herbal medicine. Some heal, via Reiki, humor, song, compassionate listening, and giving sage advice.

Ixchel, reminds us that Mother Earth provides us all with free medicine. Mother Earth gives us an abundant supply of the obvious, herbs, food, and water, to keep us healthy and heal our ailments.  There’s also, that not so obvious, health-giving gift she constantly provides. It’s her subtly restorative vibration.  Her rhythmic heartbeat, aligns us into flowing health. We need only to connect, to feel her therapeutic resonance.

As we Navigate todays modern society, it’s so easy to become disconnected from Mother Earth’s perfect healing pulsation.  As we walk through this world wearing shoes and spending a lot of time in buildings, we become disconnected from her health-giving frequency.

On this full moon we invoked the spirit of Ixchel.  We Moon Mothers created prayer flags, for planetary healing and wove them together in honor of the weaving, healing Goddess, Ixchel. In the mystical meadow surrounded by ancient Redwood trees we laid on our backs and connected to the heart beat of Mother Earth.  Through a guided  meditation, we moved into our imaginal mind to clear our chakras so that our kundalini serpent could rise to our crowns.

With new clarity, awakened kundalini and a deep connection to Mother Earth, each women spoke of her innate healing gifts.

Thank you Mary Baxter for providing turkey dinner,  Thank you Jennifer Gray for hosting us at your sacred home.  Thank you Erica Crawford for excellent photography.

Below is a visual glimpse into our sacred circle.

Why do we gather on the Full Moon?

When Mother Moon, moves from the shadow of Mother Earth and is fully illuminated in her brilliance; We gather in darkness to connect to her light. It’s a reminder of who we are as women. We are the keepers of an ancient tradition, passed down to us by our ancestral grandmothers. We are the bridge to the Divine Feminine. We are the chain-links that connects history to the present. We are the chain-links that connects to the women of the future. We are the wisdom keepers. We are the Warriors. We are the protectors of the weak. We are the Peace Makers. We are the healers. We are the keepers and creators of ritual. We are the keepers of universal rhythm.

Why do we gather?  Maat01Maat02

To soften our steps.

To fuel our fierceness.

To Strengthen our voice.

To heighten all senses.

To celebrate the seasons.

To connect with Mother Earth.

To Share wisdom.

To live abundance.

To be bold.

To create.

To lighten our heart.

To beat the drum.

To dance our light.

This is why we gather…



Strive to be happy.


Tamara Trejo