Last Full Moon of Spring 2012

Lunar eclipse and day before Venus transit of the sun, we held the last full moon ceremony of Spring 2012.  The writing below is by one of our youngest Moon Mothers, Nicole.

The energy surrounding this full moon carried strong momentum, magnified not only by the power and intrigue of the recent solar eclipse, but also by it’s own early morning dip into the dark sanctuary of earth’s great shadow. A generous offering blessed us with the opportunity to honor the June Moon at a utopian farm and retreat. The Tunitas Creek Ranch is indescribably beautiful and has clearly been lovingly crafted over many years with the utmost care given to the preservation of harmony with Mother Nature.

Bird songs and blows of the conch rang through the surrounding forest as we called in the directions and created our circle. The brisk air stirred as we shared beautiful hopes for Amy Sullivan, Goddess who chose to be born in the month of June. Our circle danced the Celtic Weave, flowing, undulating as we passed ‘round and through each other, smiles bursting with laughter (see video attachment below). The altar set aglow in the lovely outdoor kitchen that wrapped the wind-side of the grounds, protecting us from the chill as we lit the fire and gathered for Circle Speak. We joked of the irony that the June full moon’s weather felt like February.

Tammy’s carful thought brought us to honor Maat, Goddess of harmony, justice, and truth. The ostrich feather Maat wears on her head, a reminder of the feather that is her measure against your heart when life on earth, you depart. A heart outweighing her feather is sent back to further refine. A heart light as her feather is granted paradise afterlife divine.

In honoring Matt, and in the spirit of light-heartedness, we set to exercising our most valuable form of self-healing…LAUGHTER! Our Circle Speak contribution was to share one of the funniest moments of your life. Belly laughs abounded as we recounted wild tales of calamity, embarrassment, youthful whimsy and Mother Nature’s obviously fantastic sense of humor.

Before Meta closed the circle, we enjoyed a hearty laughing-meditation. Beginning with a small, little covered giggle, it quickly elevated, building energy, each laugh springing off the next, and reaching a crescendo of pure uninhibited release of joy, uncontrollable and ecstatic.

Bathed in smiles, we closed our circle and gathered for camaraderie, almonds, and dark chocolate. I don’t think that a single one of us will ever forgot Rule #6… Don’t take yourself so seriously! Ha-ha-ha! ☺











Author Nicole

Thank you Nicole for your beautiful writing.

Here’s link to the Celtic Weave dance from the full moon ceremony.



June 4, 2012 Full Moon

Let me know if you need driving direction.

Super Moon 2012

Thank you Jenny for hosting our circle of twenty-seven women in your magical meadow, among the Giant Redwoods.

Jenny blew the conch and her mother Jan, called in the seven direction as we cast our enchanted Super Circle on this Super Moon.  The birthday blessing circle was filled with laughter and heart-felt words as each women spoke to each of the seven Birthday Moon Mothers. Stephanie Oseguera showed up so brightly on her birthday moon.  After receiving best wishes and blessing from the Moon Mothers, she gave us each of us a sweet gift bag, then encircled the other birthday ladies in rose petals as she gave them a special birthday blessing.

We lit the fire, took a comfortable seat, and snuggled in our blankets. As I told the story of Artemis I could feel her spirit resonate throughout our circle.

What do you stand for?  Who do you stand up for?  Who’s shoulders do you stand upon?  When the question was posed, I could see a bit of quandary on some of the faces.  Before answering, Barbara lead us in a meditation. The timber and rhythm of her voice became a lullaby as she lead us deep into ourselves and our connection to All.  As the women slowly rose from the meditation, there was sense of knowingness about them, and their answers were profound.

Meta read a poem by Marianne Williamson, and closed the circle.

The poetic story below was written by Stephanie Oseguera.

A long drive over peaceful winding roads into a soft night-time breeze brings us together in the heart of the magnificent redwood trees, where nature sings her beautiful music. A sky lit with giant and bedazzling stars teases us with the promising mid-night dawn to come, the air full of wildlife and peace and beauty and visions. I think our connection began as we travelled along the road to our destination, through graceful passages sliding down the coast and into the forest on this beautiful evening. Lavish jewell-tone colors amongst the strength and beauty of the old redwood trees call deeply. A small green clearing of soft grass feels warm under our feet, as friendly smiling faces, magnified in wisdom, dignity and grace come together once again on the full moon night.

This month’s super full moon was special, May being the season of the lily, the green powers of the emerald and mischievous power of Gemini. Mother Moon, you have given us your ultimate shining beauty again and welcomed us with warmth and a soft blowing breeze inside this field of giant, wonderful and strong guardian redwoods.We find on this road a circle of women – Divine Moon Mothers – who come together to enjoy ways of being: peaceful meditation, glorious views, energetic movement, dancing spirits and wonderful ambitions. We commune together each lunar cycle to find our joy, believing in and remembering who we are.            by Stephanie Oseguera

Thank you Stephanie for showing up so brightly on your Super Birthday Moon.

Every women who creates anything is a mother.  Every women who nurtures is a mother.  Happy Mothers Day.



P.S.  Here’s an invitation to The signs of Life circle.

For more information or to reserve a place in the circle, contact Meta Orear at or phone 650-430-5244

Mother Moon

This poem by Susan Dormanen is in honor of Mothers Day.

Moon Mother

Full moon rising

like a mother

ever present in your sky.

You do not always see her light.

On dark nights the new moon

waits in shadow

aching to bring back your brightness.

Susan Dormanen Poet

Details about the Super Full Moon Ceremony coming soon.

Happy Mothers Day



May 5th Full Moon

Let me know if you need driving directions.  cell # 650-303-5515  or email

Good Friday, Passover, First Full Moon of Spring 2012

On this spirit filled Good Friday, Passover, first full moon of spring, we Moon Mothers gathered at Lisa Spector’s ocean view, bluff top home, where we cast our sacred circle in honor of fertility and birth.  We welcomed five new women into our ever-expanding circle and were delighted that one of our wisest Moon Mothers, Thelma, who had been absent for many moons arrived and called in the seven directions.  For the first time in her life Carol Ann picked up the conch, and blew it with power and grace.

As the sun melted into the ocean we circled Sandy and Mary singing our birthday chant.  The golden sunset light lit their faces and it was easy to see that they were open and joyfully receiving the loving energy being bestowed upon them.  Mary gifted us delicately scented handmade sachets as her birthday offering.

In the soft shadowless moments of twilight we took a comfortable seat in our bluff top circle and remembered the legend of Ostara, the ancient Goddess of fertility and birth.  embodying her spirit we nurtured the dream seeds that are incubating in our wombs. As each women spoke of the dream she will birth this year.  Her unborn creation was fertilized by the power of her words and strengthened by the circle of witnesses.

The sky became indigo and we moved inside Lisa’s loft, where she lit the Shabbat candles and led us in the traditional Hebrew prayer.  We settled in and relaxed as she played spring inspired music on her grand piano.  In honor of passover and her family heritage she lead us in a wine blessing that reached deep into our hearts and united us with All.  Then Lisa and Ann served us charoset  that they had prepared for our circle and lead us in a new ancient blessing of the charoset.  According to Jewish legend the charoset is the mortar that holds the foundation bricks together.  It tasted yummy.

We could see Mother Moon’s glow creating a silhouette of the hills in the east as we closed the circle and called down the moon.

May the fertile energy of Ostara put spring in your step and inspire you to birth your dreams.



April Offerings

We welcome Spring with ceremony, art and creative action.  The first full moon ceremony of Spring will be on Passover, Good Friday,  April 6th.  Our circle will be held at Lisa Spector’s beautiful bluff top property at the top of Higgins Canyon, Half Moon Bay.  Call me if you need direction.  650-303-5515.

Art & Inspiration circle with Amy Sullivan in Pacifica, Friday April 13th. 2 pm – 4 pm

For artists or anyone interested in exploring personal imagery and accessing inner wisdom through art. This on-going, drop-in group offers a supportive place to play with images, symbols and archetypes from the unconscious to enhance creativity and personal growth. No previous art experience necessary.

RSVP: 650-355-1133 or
Suggested appreciation: $10 – $25.00
Some supplies provided but bring your own art supplies that you want to use.
SoulCollage circle Saturday April 15th with Amy Sullivan in Pacifica.
Come experience the magic of SoulCollage!

Join Amy Sullivan, artist, therapist and healing guide, for an adventurous day as we call in our personal and collective archetypes, spirit guides and wisdom keepers through SoulCollage and shamanic journeying.
The Soul is the essence of who we are.  SoulCollage is a process which goes beyond ego and reveals our Soul aspects to us in surprising ways.
Expect to receive information about pertinent life questions and feel nourished by the creative process and deep soul work.  Spend the day co-creating with Source and making Soul Cards for your personal SoulCollage deck used for readings and personal growth.
When our Soul wishes to experience something, she throws an image of the experience before her and enters into her own image.  Meister Ekhart
Saturday April 14th 2012  11 am – 4 pm  St Edmund’s Episcopal Church  1500 Perez Dr. Pacifica, CA.  Bring a bag lunch and snacks to share.  Tea will be provided.  Cost:  $ 65.00 when registered by March 30th ($ 75.00 after March 30th)  To reserve a space call Amy at 650-355-3133 or email at
Enjoy your Spring and keep creating.

Third full moon of Winter 2012

The third full moon of winter 2012 was a three-day celebration of the Divine Feminine, Mother Earth’s bounty, luxury adventure and rich sacred ceremony.  We Moon Mothers went on a field trip to Stillheart Sanctuary on Skyline.  In honor of International Women’s day we joined dozens of other women at the Stillheart’s open house.  With deep gratitude for the kind invitation to enjoy their luxurious facilities we made fresh daffodil bouquets to gift our hostesses at Stillheart.

Amy could not come with us to Stillheart because she needed to attend her father’s memorial service.  So the day before the full moon, Amy, Mary and I collected wild daffodils to gift the women of Stillheart.  Amy had never been to Daffodil Vally.  I just giggled as I saw her GLEE when she stepped into the wild flower bed.  We were on a mission to collect daffodils to bring to Stillheart.  It didn’t take long, there were thousands to choose from.  With that done we couldn’t help but play with Mother Earth’s bounty.

After tons of deep belly laughs, we sang and told stories as we trekked back home.  Amy gave me the flowers she had collected and said “bless Stillheart with these.”

The next day I woke with holiday spirit.  It was International Women’s Day, full moon, and I was going to meet the Great Blue Heron High Priestess from Tennessee.

Lisa Forward brought Blue Heron and Jenafree to my studio and it was an instant recognition of kindred spirits.  Barbara joined us for lunch, then we five women made dozens of fresh nosegays for the women to wear in their hair.  The inspiration came from Blue Heron, “Women must wear flowers in their hair in honor of the Divine Feminine.”  I thought we would make two dozen for the Moon Mothers.  But they just kept making them and soon we had enough for all the women at Stillheart’s International Women’s Day open house.


Here’s what  Mary Baxter has to say about our time Stillheart.

It was beautiful to experience a guided meditation in the Great Room with gorgeous chandeliers of hand blown glass overhead, commemorating the love of the artist and his deceased wife who had visited him there the night he had slept in the room and inspired these works of art.  We as women were reminded of the need for the feminine to come forward in the Earth’s energy at this time in history, not to supplant the masculine energy that has dominated the last millennia, but to balance it, to combine the energies of the pink flame of the feminine with the blue flame of the masculine, bringing into awareness the violet flame, the energy that will move our Earth away from polarity, war, and dominance into a time of great love, cooperation, and a unity that honors all living beings.  And this includes our  sacred Mother Earth.

Within this concrete and steel structure that presents the masculine energy in its angular design among the gorgeous natural beauty of Redwoods, sky, and a breathtaking full moon, we gathered as women in the way that women do.  We brought delicious food for a meal to  share with each other, followed by a luxurious time of relaxation in the sauna, hot tub, and swimming pool, as well as meditative walks in the labyrinth in the light of the full moon.  Tammy, well heated from the sauna, walked the labyrinth in her wet swim suit, and experienced a connection with the Divine that brought her back to her experience in Tulum, Mexico, with the Goddess Ixchel, and the communion with the Divine Feminine she had experienced there.

The architecture of Stillheart’s masculine energy was softened by our presence as women on International Women’s Day, a day celebrated throughout the world as women come forward and insist that our humanity will live on and thrive on our planet, as long as the Divine Feminine takes its place in equal resonance with the Divine Masculine on Earth.

Mary Baxter


Here is a link to Stillheart


The images below are from our pool time at Stillheart.

The next day at sunset I was invited to a very auspicious private ceremony in the Enchanted Forest.  Lisa Forward officially crowned her mentor, Blue Heron, High Priestess.  Although Blue Heron had been working as a High Priestess for many years, there had never been a coronation ceremony held in honor of her spiritual leadership.

As I witnessed Blue Heron’s fledgling, Lisa, spread her wings to perform the initiation ceremony with such grace and reverence for her mentor, I felt my cheeks wet with tears.  (I was not the only one moved to tears.)  The unconditional love and respect these two women share transcends family and tribe.

Blue Heron High Priestess

The next full moon arrives Good Friday, which is also Passover.  Our ceremony will be steeped in modern ancient tradition.  Details coming soon.



Wisdom Woman Weekend Gift

Hello Moon Mothers,

Cassie Schindler is gifting the Moon Mothers a 35% discount to the Wisdom Woman Weekend at Stillheart Institute, March 30th – April 1st.

Wisdom Woman Weekend

Wisdom Woman Weekends provide a unique opportunity to “build your own retreat,” filled with just what you think you need to replenish your body, mind and soul. The venue, Stillheart Institute, is located in the mountains of Woodside, CA, and is an elegant and magical retreat destination.

Wisdom Woman Weekend retreats allow women to treat themselves to a variety of choices, including an ever-changing agenda of mini-workshops presented by gifted instructors, extra services (massage, energy work, etc.), nourishing food, and activities and entertainment that have been designed with total wellness in mind. Additionally, there are a number of amenities that make Stillheart the perfect location, including an indoor saline swimming pool, indoor hot tub, sauna, hiking trails and on-site labyrinth.

For more information about Stillheart  here’s the link

For more details about the Wisdom Woman Weekend  here’s the link

When you register with Cassie just tell her that you are a Moon Mother to receive the generous discount she is gifting to us.

It’s good to be a Moon Mother.




The second full moon ceremony of 2012 proved to be a beautiful adventure into the world of Aphrodite, Goddess of Beauty and Sensuality. I could feel the energy shift immediately after calling in the 7 directions and I knew I was in for a treat. Kudos to Annette for blowing the conch with gusto for the very first time.

The expanding circle enjoyed a scene from the movie The Mists of Avalon showing how Morgane, sister of King Arthur, gathered her divine feminine powers growing up in the underground city of ancient Avalon. It left us wanting to get together soon to see the movie in its entirety, and made us entertain the possibility of acquiring and using more of our own feminine mystique.

Under the winter moon, we made up epithets and spirit nick names for each other and collected them in an envelope like they were secret valentines. Everyone delighted in their sister-given names and I am sure some of them will stick.

The theme for the circle speak was how do we experience our own sensuality and circle sisters shared their most intimate ways to get in touch with their inner Aphrodite.

A baggie of feminine gifts from Lisa Forward were much appreciated and designed to help us decorate ourselves as Goddess and to remember to honor our gift of femininity and feminine intuition.

After closing the circle, sisters were invited to indulge in some beautification with hair bling and henna tattoos.

Gratitude to Tammy, our fearless goddess leader, for making the ceremony flow like a lotus flower at midnight… under the full moon.


Amy Sullivan

Hope to see you next wednesday afternoon.

Healing Hands Circle

Hands on Healing Circle next wednesday Feb. 15th to experience and play with your divine feminine powers for healing and rejuvenation.