Harvest Moon

On this Harvest moon we gathered at the beach to cast our Divine feminine circle.  In rhythmic harmony with Mother Ocean and the fog horn, Anne Turley blew the conch and Kellie Morlock read the invocation as we Moon Mothers connected to All.

We honored Annette with our blessing song, circle energy and birthday wishes.  In reciprocation she gave each of us red roses.

Autumn is here and the nights are growing longer.  Now is the time to turn toward home.  To prepare for this season we dedicated our ceremony to the Roman Goddess Vesta, Goddess of the hearth, heart of the home.  We recognized life’s simple abundance and gave credence to creating a warm cozy home.

When one embodies the spirit of Vesta, she joyfully creates a sacred space where her clan will find solace and be nurtured by her flame, food and words of wisdom.

On this night we did not pass our communal talking stick, instead we cast our individual sticks in to the fire after speaking words of wisdom.  A few of the women sang songs, one lead us in an ancient chant, some read poems, the Lords Prayer and the Prayer of Serenity was recited, and some women just spoke from the heart.  As each woman shared her voice I could feel Vesta’s spirit envelop our circle .

Here is some the words of wisdom shared by the women in our circle.

Amy Sullivan

Expect a Miracle

Prayer to Vesta for a miracle of healing in our lives and for the planet.

Goddess, blaze forth the miracle of your Golden White Flame now.

I call for a healing miracle in my heart, and in my being wherever healing is needed.

Goddess, blaze forth the miracle of your Golden Flame now.

Expand and saturate within me the wonders

of Your brilliant Flame to purify every cell, atom and electron of my being.

I ask the Golden White Flame to purify all levels of my being and restore me to my Divine Blueprint of Perfection.

O Golden Flame, flood the Earth, Her people and all Her kingdoms with oceans of oceans of Golden White Fire until every particle of Life is restored to Divine Perfection.

May Peace, Love and Light be spread throughout the Earth!

And so it is. Blessed be.  By Dragon Crone Amy Sullivan

Donna Scheifler

When you come to the edge of all that you know, You must believe one of two things:

There will be earth to stand on or You will be given wings to fly.

~ Christina Baldwin

Linda Theroff

Love yourself and love others

Linda Grace

“Sometimes the most important thing in the whole day
is the rest we take between two deep breaths.”
—Etty Hillman

Carol Patin-Gipe

There is vitality, a life force, an energy,

a quickening that is translated

through you into action.

And because there is only one you in all time,

this expression is unique.

And if you block it, it will never exist through

any other medium…the world will not have it.

It is not your business to determine

how good it is, nor how valuable,

nor how it compares with other expressions.

It is your business to keep it yours

 clearly and directly;

to keep the channel open.

 Martha Graham, Dance To The Piper

Charie Harris

Charie, lead us in the beautiful African song, Guide my Feet.  She also captured these images of our circle.

The prayers, chant and songs are better heard, than read. For that reason I am not including them in this post. although, early in the ceremony I was able to inconspicuously capture a short video of Kellie singing Into the Mystic.  Here’s a link.  Song

We closed our circle by the light of Mother Moon and joyfully cleared the space we had inhabited, leaving no visible trace of our ceremony.

Meta carrying the altar basket

The next full moon ceremony will be a Crone ceremony at the Sacred Coastal Canyon.

Happy Autumn




Harvest Moon

Hello Ladies,


Hope to see you in Half Moon Bay at the beach on the Harvest Moon Saturday, September 29th, 6:30pm

Portrait of Self

You’re invited  Portrait of Self Collage Circle

September 23, 2012  11am – 4pm

731 Main St  Coastside Photography, Half Moon Bay, CA

This day of art, meditation, writing, labyrinth walking, nourishing food and companionship will offer you the opportunity to assess your journey, and bring forth a more integrated you, energized and able to fill the world with your brilliance.

2012 has held a lot of physical and emotional turbulence for many people. This is my favorite way to quickly recharge my energy and clear out the mental cobwebs. And it’s a perfect way to celebrate the Autumnal Equinox by bringing ourselves into balance. As the Mock Turtle and Alice say, “Will you, won’t you, will you join the dance?”

Meta Orear, CPC – facilitator

Expression of Appreciation: $65 if registered by 9/10/2012; $75 after 9/10/2012

Click here to register.  http://metaorear.blogspot.com/p/workshops.html

I hope to see you then.



Meta Orear




669 Crespi Drive, suite A

Pacifica, CA 94044

Blue Moon

Blue Moon

Anne Turley

By Anne Turley

As I ran down the hill, a bit late, towards the sacred circle, I could see the sun setting surrounded by crimson clouds over Cypress Meadows.  Achingly beautiful.

The seven direction ritual, performed at each circle, sets the tone for a safe place to allow our inspired selves to emerge and join.  The calm and unity this brings are palpable.  This Blue moon (second full moon in one month), was another opportunity for the Moon Mothers to gather and honor the divine feminine.

This Friday was a tribute to the Nordic goddess Freya, who represents Boldness and Celebration.   Friday is named after Freya, end of the work week and time for celebration, so thank Goddess it’s Freya. Go out, be bold and celebrate!  Does that resonate or what?

Tamara Trejo, our fearless leader, reminded us that had we been meeting just 200 years ago, we would have been burned at the stake for such shenanigans.  We now have the freedom to bring the qualities of the divine feminine back into consciousness and help to heal Gaia, our beautiful jewel of a planet. We honored the bold women, who in August 1920, achieved the right vote here in America.  And so we have to honor that achievement and VOTE!

Linda Grace Frost  led us in a Moon Goddess dance which warmed us up in the cool grass and united our spirits in a new way of fun, silliness and reverence at the same time.

Then Dragon Crone (Amy Sullivan) lead us in a meditation for protection. “If you’re going to be bold you’ll need some protection,” she said.   Release fear, limitation, anger and aggression.  Exhale fogginess, depression and laziness.  Then feel the aliveness and fill ourselves with the full rainbow of colors. This meditation prepared us for circle speak.

As each woman spoke, it inspired the rest of us.  The authenticity, the wealth of experience, the commonalities, the connections we all share. When we closed the circle and called down the moon, the clouds parted and Mother Moon appeared on cue, full and beautiful over the meadow.

We returned to the Cypress Meadows Center where a nice warm fire awaited us.  We ate and drank and shared our lives with each other.  As a relative newcomer, I was struck on my very first gathering by the feeling of coming home.  Being among spiritual women on a mission to support and inspire each other is something I value very highly.

By Anne Turley

Lovely reflection… Anne, thank you so much for writing this blog post.

Anne Turley is a tv and film producer and editor who is raising funds for Accidental Activist about Riki Ott and her fight against big oil.

Cypress Meadows

Also thank you Sharon for hosting the Moon Mothers at your sacred Cypress Meadows, and taking the pictures below.

Anyone interested in holding a special event at Cypress Meadows contact Sharon.  Here’s a link to her website.


Here’s a link to a little video of the Moon dance.
The next Blue Moon will be in July 2015.
Be bold and keep dancing.

Teltane Full Moon

Teltane Full Moon

Amy Sullivan

By Amy Sullivan

On Wed. August 1st, Moon Mothers gathered at the Labyrinth at Mavericks Beach.  The  Full Moon in Aquarius was shining a silver spotlight on the realm of humanity and social equality, interconnection and cooperation.  We could feel the glow coming through the soft blanket of fog as we donned our Goddess attire to walk the labyrinth in silence.

Our circle was as full as the moon with women who have found our supportive haven for delving into divine feminine energy each full moon.  We honored those with August birthdays in the middle of the circle and they returned blessings in the spirit of reciprocity.

We gathered to honor the African Goddess, Mawu, goddess of Creation, of the Earth and the Moon.  Her message goes like this:

I am the Creator of Life.  It is my nature to nurture and hold dear all life I create.  I am The Great Mother, who gives life and takes it away, and who holds you close in life and in death.  It is time for balance between my Daughters and Sons.  It is time for mutual love, respect, and honor to return to the world of humanity.  My Dear Ones, remember my gift of life and that you are one.  Treat each other with love, honor, and respect.  Cherish all of my children who share this world with you.

 Your life is Sacred.  YOU are Sacred.  And you are dearly loved.

 The circle sisters walked the Labyrinth again contemplating what kind of tree you would be, if you were a tree.  We then passed around the talking stick and tree-women as willows, redwoods, oaks, chestnuts, palms, madrones, apples, mimosas, cypress shared qualities such as strength, flexibility, giving, groundedness, connectedness and adaptability.

Giggles were contagious as we closed the circle with a human wave, refreshed and reinvigorated to continue the work of the goddess during these intense times of transformation.

Happy Teltane, or Lammas, which is observed around the beginning of August midway between the Summer Solstice and the Autumn Equinox. It signifies the withdrawal of the Mother Goddess into the earth in preparation for the falling seeds that will need her care if they are to germinate in winter.

Tammy passed out seeds for each one of us to plant and honor the Earth, and we left an offering of a clay disk in the center of the labyrinth as a simple marker of the healing energy generated by our sacred goddess circle.

By Amy Sullivan

Thank you Amy for leading us in a sacred closing ceremony and writing the above article.

Also, I thank all of you ladies who participated in the creation of the Divine Feminine Labyrinth walk portrait.

I’ll see you all on the Blue Moon August 31st.




First Full Moon Of Summer 2012

 First Full Moon of Summer 2012

by Susan Dormanen

Susan Dormanen

The Eve of Independence

The Moon Mothers gathered on July 3rd at Stillheart Institute, a spectacular nonprofit center dedicated to healing and personal development where you can come to do a workshop or a personal retreat.  www.stillheart.org

From a verdant lawn on the summit of the Santa Cruz mountains, we called into our circle absent loved ones, including the ladies of Stillheart, Joan, Debbie, Ann and Sue,  feeling the reach of our community expand to all we hold dear.  We sang and blessed those who chose to be born in July, Tamara and Susanne, and Heidi, who celebrated her 50th birthday in June, and delighted us all with her feather dance.

During this first full moon of summer we celebrated the Mayan Moon Goddess Ixchel.  She is depicted as bent and wrinkled to indicate the wisdom of great age; her crown of snakes shows her full enlightenment.  The only goddess recognized by the Mayans, Ixchel is the healer and midwife who guides life’s transitions: the birth of children, boys growing into manhood, women aging into crones.

The circle pondered who we heal or midwife and how.  As darkness fell, each Voice spoke movingly of this sustaining, creative work women do in the world.

By now we all have heard talk that the Mayan calendar predicts the end of time on December 21, 2012.   Wise Meta explained how the Mayan long count calendar shows the imminent end of one cycle, and the beginning of a new cycle of love and wholeness.   Two new Mayan calendars, discovered just this year as we await the end of our current cycle, indicate another 7000 years of time to come.

Tamara reminded us of a recent statement by the Dalai Lama:  “The world will be saved by the Western woman.”   These words reverberated powerfully as we raised our voices to call down the moon.

Susan Dormanen

Do Nothing

By Darla Donovon

Darla Donovon

Do Nothing

What if instead of trying to prevent the end of the world, we followed the Tao: “The Tao does nothing, but leaves nothing undone”.

How much of the world’s problems would be solved if we did not interfere in the natural unfolding of creation? What if no enemies were perceived? What if no government meddled in our lives? What if we were allowed to just “BE”?

Would we then live in harmony with the natural world? And if by just being, not doing, would our true natures naturally change the world? Would the old world dissolve and be replaced by a new world of love, peace, harmony and community just by “being”?

We already know what doing, doing, doing does. Why not give “being” a chance?

Darla Donavon

It was a magical night, thank you Sue and Darla for your beautiful writing.  Love and gratitude to the women of Stillheart for providing your sanctuary for our ceremony.

Here’s link to a short video of our blessing song.  www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10150930678138225&set=vb.172758452805178&type=2&theater

Birthday Ladies

Nancy playing in the pool before the ceremony

Happy Independence Day.

Tamara Trejo


Last Full Moon of Spring 2012

Lunar eclipse and day before Venus transit of the sun, we held the last full moon ceremony of Spring 2012.  The writing below is by one of our youngest Moon Mothers, Nicole.

The energy surrounding this full moon carried strong momentum, magnified not only by the power and intrigue of the recent solar eclipse, but also by it’s own early morning dip into the dark sanctuary of earth’s great shadow. A generous offering blessed us with the opportunity to honor the June Moon at a utopian farm and retreat. The Tunitas Creek Ranch is indescribably beautiful and has clearly been lovingly crafted over many years with the utmost care given to the preservation of harmony with Mother Nature.

Bird songs and blows of the conch rang through the surrounding forest as we called in the directions and created our circle. The brisk air stirred as we shared beautiful hopes for Amy Sullivan, Goddess who chose to be born in the month of June. Our circle danced the Celtic Weave, flowing, undulating as we passed ‘round and through each other, smiles bursting with laughter (see video attachment below). The altar set aglow in the lovely outdoor kitchen that wrapped the wind-side of the grounds, protecting us from the chill as we lit the fire and gathered for Circle Speak. We joked of the irony that the June full moon’s weather felt like February.

Tammy’s carful thought brought us to honor Maat, Goddess of harmony, justice, and truth. The ostrich feather Maat wears on her head, a reminder of the feather that is her measure against your heart when life on earth, you depart. A heart outweighing her feather is sent back to further refine. A heart light as her feather is granted paradise afterlife divine.

In honoring Matt, and in the spirit of light-heartedness, we set to exercising our most valuable form of self-healing…LAUGHTER! Our Circle Speak contribution was to share one of the funniest moments of your life. Belly laughs abounded as we recounted wild tales of calamity, embarrassment, youthful whimsy and Mother Nature’s obviously fantastic sense of humor.

Before Meta closed the circle, we enjoyed a hearty laughing-meditation. Beginning with a small, little covered giggle, it quickly elevated, building energy, each laugh springing off the next, and reaching a crescendo of pure uninhibited release of joy, uncontrollable and ecstatic.

Bathed in smiles, we closed our circle and gathered for camaraderie, almonds, and dark chocolate. I don’t think that a single one of us will ever forgot Rule #6… Don’t take yourself so seriously! Ha-ha-ha! ☺











Author Nicole

Thank you Nicole for your beautiful writing.

Here’s link to the Celtic Weave dance from the full moon ceremony.





June 4, 2012 Full Moon

Let me know if you need driving direction.

Super Moon 2012

Thank you Jenny for hosting our circle of twenty-seven women in your magical meadow, among the Giant Redwoods.

Jenny blew the conch and her mother Jan, called in the seven direction as we cast our enchanted Super Circle on this Super Moon.  The birthday blessing circle was filled with laughter and heart-felt words as each women spoke to each of the seven Birthday Moon Mothers. Stephanie Oseguera showed up so brightly on her birthday moon.  After receiving best wishes and blessing from the Moon Mothers, she gave us each of us a sweet gift bag, then encircled the other birthday ladies in rose petals as she gave them a special birthday blessing.

We lit the fire, took a comfortable seat, and snuggled in our blankets. As I told the story of Artemis I could feel her spirit resonate throughout our circle.

What do you stand for?  Who do you stand up for?  Who’s shoulders do you stand upon?  When the question was posed, I could see a bit of quandary on some of the faces.  Before answering, Barbara lead us in a meditation. The timber and rhythm of her voice became a lullaby as she lead us deep into ourselves and our connection to All.  As the women slowly rose from the meditation, there was sense of knowingness about them, and their answers were profound.

Meta read a poem by Marianne Williamson, and closed the circle.

The poetic story below was written by Stephanie Oseguera.

A long drive over peaceful winding roads into a soft night-time breeze brings us together in the heart of the magnificent redwood trees, where nature sings her beautiful music. A sky lit with giant and bedazzling stars teases us with the promising mid-night dawn to come, the air full of wildlife and peace and beauty and visions. I think our connection began as we travelled along the road to our destination, through graceful passages sliding down the coast and into the forest on this beautiful evening. Lavish jewell-tone colors amongst the strength and beauty of the old redwood trees call deeply. A small green clearing of soft grass feels warm under our feet, as friendly smiling faces, magnified in wisdom, dignity and grace come together once again on the full moon night.

This month’s super full moon was special, May being the season of the lily, the green powers of the emerald and mischievous power of Gemini. Mother Moon, you have given us your ultimate shining beauty again and welcomed us with warmth and a soft blowing breeze inside this field of giant, wonderful and strong guardian redwoods.We find on this road a circle of women – Divine Moon Mothers – who come together to enjoy ways of being: peaceful meditation, glorious views, energetic movement, dancing spirits and wonderful ambitions. We commune together each lunar cycle to find our joy, believing in and remembering who we are.            by Stephanie Oseguera

Thank you Stephanie for showing up so brightly on your Super Birthday Moon.

Every women who creates anything is a mother.  Every women who nurtures is a mother.  Happy Mothers Day.




P.S.  Here’s an invitation to The signs of Life circle.

For more information or to reserve a place in the circle, contact Meta Orear at  metareiki1@yahoo.com or phone 650-430-5244