Mystical Tail

I was born in murky water.  My little tail propelled me through my liquid world. I just moved with the flow of the current. I knew of no other world and was a happy pollywog in my little pond.  Jagged quick movements were impossible in my water home. It never occurred to me to move any faster or slower than the prevailing current of my sublime liquid world.

Then one day, without intention, I began to change.  My tail loosened and fell off, and I simultaneously sprouted legs.  It became impossible to breathe. I was suffocating!  Instinctively I ascended to the surface.  Projected my head out of the water and took the first inhaling breath in my new world.  Without thought or planning, my new legs leaped me out of my little pond.  With excellent peripheral vision I could see all around me.  I knew that I would never be the same.  I had metamorphosed into a new being.

I kind of miss my tail, it helped me swim along blissfully,frog05 but I am inspired by my new legs.  I can leap over most obstacles; With suction cup feet I can climb over vertical barrier.  Although time has changed me into a new being, I stay close to the place I was spawned…

I feel the energy of my frog totem when I am in my garden, think of my younger years or faced with an insurmountable problem.


On this last full moon of 2017, we Moon Mothers, gathered to discover or remember our guiding animal spirits.  In honor of Saraswati, each of us poetically expressed the essence of our personal animal totem.

May your untamed animal spirit inspire your dreams into courageous action.



Tamara Trejo

December full moon

You’re invited

Full Moon Ceremony Sunday, December 3rd, 4:30pm

Shelldance Orchard Gardens Pacifica


Dedicated to Saraswati
Hindu Goddess of Art and Intellect


On this night we will invoke the creative spirit of Saraswati. Through an ancient drum meditation, we will dive deep into our embodied, spirit-animal totems. We will Distill, our stream of consciousness writing into poetry and expressive art. Continue reading

Light of Lakshmi

A few weeks ago I felt the world upon my shoulders.  With a burdened heart and sadness on my face, I walked down a public corridor.  My footsteps were heavy and my posture coiled as I plodded along.  From an adjacent hall bounced a vibrant maiden.  Light on her feet, her gait was airy and sure.  Her aura twinkled like a sparkler on the 4th of July.   Her smile was so bright it lit the hallway. She passed me on her merry way.  Her light was contagious.

I felt my spine straighten, and my face muscles relax into a smile.  Without a word or a glance her vibrant light, fueled my tiny embers of light, which ignited into remembrance of my power to switch on my own light.  Even in the darkness of heavy situations, I can choose light and grace over darkness and hostility.

“A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.”  Rumi

On this November full moon, we Moon Mothers dedicated our ceremony to Lakshmi, Goddess of abundant light and prosperity.  We shared our light as we each spoke of our own brilliant gifts.  We fed our sister’s soul-flame by acknowledging her brilliance and divine strengths.  On a dark bluff top, lit by a small center flame, our ritual became a visceral festival of lights.  Sincerely spoken words of acknowledgement and recognition polished the soul-light of the women so brightly, it could have been seen by google maps.


Lakshmi’s blessing of abundance was delivered, in both divine wealth and material richness.  Thank you, Michelle, for opening your sacred beach home for our gathering.  Thank you, Mary Baxter, for the delicious dinner.  Thank you, Eva Derksen for the delicate handcrafted Goddesses.  Thank you beautiful Moon Mothers, for showing up so brightly and sharing your light.


May your light be kindled through darkness.

May you be the power source to arouse the luminescence in others.



Tamara Trejo


November full moon

You’re invited

Full Moon Ceremony Friday, November 3rd, 5:30pm

         Sacred Beach House
Moss Beach


     Dedicated to Lakshmi
      Hindu Goddess of Prosperty.

On this night we will embody the abundant light of Lakshmi. We will see our own brilliance through the eyes of others and keenly connect to our soul gifts.


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Full Moon Magic

You’re invited

Full Moon Ceremony Thursday, October 5th, 6pm

   Quarry park Labyrinth
  El Granada CA

 Dedicated to Hecate

Greek Goddess of Magic.
She stands bearing light at the dark crossroads of life.


 On this night we will invoke the clarity of Hecate. Through walking labyrinth meditation, drumming and ancient ritual, we will keenly connect to the wisdom of Hecate.


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Contagious Spirit

When you save your own life, you save the world.  When your actions are bold, you inspire others to act boldly.  When navigating the moment using all of your senses, you awaken the sensuality in the observer.  When you speak wise life mottos, it heals the lives of the listeners. When you hold the space as a nonjudgmental witness, you ignite the action of one’s true spirit to shine. When we engage in divine feminine ritual, we wield the power of magic, and the Goddess delivers profound gifts.

On this warm Harvest Moon, we gathered at the beach to dedicate our ceremony to Vesta; the Roman Goddess of the hearth (heart of the home).  We chanted and drummed our way to water’s edge.  Once there, I felt all the invisible Goddesses join our circle.  Aphrodite, Freyja, Saraswati, Mawu and other divine spirits enlivened our actions.  Women who had never before blown the conch, loudly sounded the Goddess trumpet.  Those who don’t normally go into the ocean, stood strong as the waves washed around their legs.  Our simple ritual became a symphony of chanting, drumming, conch blowing, dancing in the waves, teaching, doing and witnessing.  Then with no audible instruction, our water time was over.  It was as if Vesta had rung a silent bell, signaling time to gather at the fire and share soul wisdom.

In honor of Vesta and the Vestal Virgins we shared wisdom around the fire.  We kept the flame burning by tossing a wisdom wand into the fire after speaking our Soul words.

harvest moon03

Until we meet again, remember, your smile is contagious, a word of encouragement ignites the muse, and there is magic in ancient ritual.



Tamara Trejo