Pure Potentiality

On this potent Blood-Blue-Super-Full-Moon, we Moon Mothers celebrated the pure potentiality of this new year.  Through ancient ritual, remembering splendid moments from the past, creating and sharing, we magnetized ourselves to universal abundance.

Below are a couple of poems created on this night of practical magic.

Holding up flowers in devotion to the tree, to the Goddess, to all Life
This is my season of dreaming, of renewal, restoration
Singing in the temple, so familiar
Tress nature cathedral – sacred is sacred
How can I keep from singing?
I long to return to the holy places where I once served
Thank you for the beauty of nature, the beauty I look for and always see.
May I travel unencumbered.
May I sing your praises everyday.


By Danielle Kane


Equal World

It is an Equal World.
I open to my best as I rest
In the grass of Heart’s Green Desire
I allow the goddess
Receive the gift
The hummingbird sings
My Voice has wings
Words are like nectar as I write
True calling is heard both day and night
Accept the Mother Mary
Vessel of Pure Potential
World spins
I surrender
Nurture Self
Wise owl calls


By Susan Ryals


As you navigate this new year, may you create what ever you feel called to create and celebrate the simple moments.



Tamara Trejo

P.S.  Thank you Erica Crawford for the video.

Blue Moon Ceremony

Blue Moon Ceremony
Wednesday January 31st, 5pm
337 Mirada Art Studio, Half Moon Bay


On this first BLUE Moon of 2018
We will dedicate our circle to our Pure Potentiality
and our clairvoyant mind that speaks via imagery and poetry.

Also 2017 Remembering our Circles, slideshow

Please bring your journal or writing tablet, pen and highlighter.

In January and March of 1999, we had a situation which only takes place about four times a century: two Blue Moons occurring in the same year. The last time this happened was in January and April of 1961 and it is happening again this year. 2018 is going to be a very auspicious year.

Direction to 337 Mirada Art Studio Half Moon Bay

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Soul, finds bliss in the security and comfort of home, and peace in the quiet of solitude and rest.  Spirit, seeks adventure, new experiences, creativity, and human connection. On this day we soothed our soul in the comfort and beauty of Shelldance’s greenhouse. We called upon our Spirit to show her desires.  By combing through hundreds of images and keeping the ones that sparked our spirit, we created our Spirit~Quest collage. Some of the images I placed on my collage held obvious meaning and some felt powerful, but were vague in meaning.  I trust the meanings will become clear as I follow my path of seeking, creating and enjoying beauty.

Part of deliberate manifesting is to have a witness to your dreams and desires. Collectively we held the energy, as each woman shared her Spirit~Quest.  Then we sent the energy out into the universe through our hands by way of applause.

“In out of the way places of the heart

Where your thoughts never think to wander

This beginning has been quietly forming

Waiting until you were ready to emerge.”

                                                                                                  ~John O’Donohue

May you experience the adventure your spirit seeks and manifest a beautiful new year.



Tamara Trejo




2017 Pure Potentiality

On the first full moon of 2017, our nomadic tribe gathered at J7 Studios, in Moss Beach


Karianne Burns

Karianne Burns

In this hip sound recording studio, young Karianne Burns, play the angelic harp as the ladies arrived.  The intention for this gathering was to envision our abundant new year and look back at our strong circles from last year.

In 2016, we all had our personal ups and downs, but in our Moon Mothers circles, we were strong and vibrant.  Every full moon we gathered to embody the power of a different Goddess archetype and connected to our true soul essence.

The slide-show below, titled,  2016 Moon Mothers Circles, was set to music and projected 100 times larger than it shows on this blog.  Through this show we deepened our connection as a tribe and recalled our joyful gatherings.

” The images on which we feed govern our lives.” Marion Woodman

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Cozy on the floor we began our New Year Manifestation meditation.


The musical notes from Karianne’s harp seemed to resonate with the frequency of each chakra as we cleared any blocks in our energy centers.  With our chakras balanced and clear we began our meditative journey into one of the most magnificent years of our lives.  In our minds eye we moved through the seasons with a strong body and felt the vital energy of physical movement. Mused for a moment on a new study commitment and felt the satisfaction of learning and teaching. Our bodies were still one the floor but our minds went on a journey to a new place on earth and we felt the freedom of unencumbered travel.  Reaffirming that our work in this word is important and money flows to us easily: we turned our attention to our home sanctuary that was uncluttered and beautiful. With sincere appreciation for the kindhearted people in our life we sent them love and gratitude.

Our Manifestation Meditation was not about the things we would obtain this year.  It was about our way of being in the world, self-care, learning, teaching, speaking our truth and gratitude for the people in our life.


2017 Vision Board Date Change

We will gather Saturday, January 28th.
10:30am to 1pm. Doors open at 10am

J7 Studios


850 Airport Rd. #10 Moss Beach CA 94038

Due to the Women’s March in San Francisco on the 21st, we will create our 2017 Vision Board, the following Saturday, January 28th. Same time and place. Now we all have spacious time to attend both events. Hope this date change works for your schedule. Continue reading

January 2017 Goddess Circles


Two Gatherings January 2017
Full Moon, Thursday, January 12th
Vision Board, Saturday, January 21st

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Ostara Goddess of fertile abundance

As the sun set we donned fresh jasmine in our hair and cast our circle during soft twilight. DSCN5683 Our ceremony was dedicated to the Goddess Ostara and the women who choose to be born in the month of March.  Ostar’s spirit of abundance showed up plentifully.  Our birthday blessing was reciprocated by Shirley, Tenaya, and Chrisann, with tangible gifts, of hand painted rocks, brooches, worry dolls, and fresh greeting cards complete with postage stamps for sending to our dear ones. DSCN5690 In honor of Ostara the Celtic Goddess of Spring, rebirth, abundance and fertility, we embodied her spirit through dance, art and writing.  We began our dance as a fertile seed, germinating in Mother Earth. DSCN5704 Then sprouted into a dazzling array of wild flowers. DSCN5728 DSCN5716 DSCN5713Returning to our genesis, we rested… DSCN5733 Satiated from our dance and still in our right mind we began to create oil pastel art from our expressive dance.  Donna prompted us into a  writing flow, that brought words to our art. The results were extraordinary and as varied as all the Spring flowers. DSCN5738 Sharing our art was another layer of Ostara embodiment.DSCN5763 DSCN5770 DSCN5751

Poem By Helen

Poem By Helen

Art by Helen

Art by Helen

DiNucci-Writing-2 copy

Art by Lauren

Art by Lauren

Poem By Kristin/Ajeetdev

I am a Seed

Subterranean water softens my skin

Fire in my Belly



Newly formed leaves strain to separate and catch the wind


Absorbing water, sun

Rapid strength

Upward, Up, Up the spiral


Slumber . . . . Transition.

 We closed our circle with gratitude and song, called down the moon and enjoyed cookies gifted by Shirley.

We will gather again Thursday April 21st.

Happy Easter Ishtar


Tamara Trejo


Pure Potentiality First full moon 2016

Nicole Klimper

      Nicole Klimper

The Moon Mothers arrived one by one, some by way of the South bridge, others from the North. The horizon was clad in a dramatic show, shooting beams of light graced the ocean with a shimmering reflective aura. pure potiential07 Vibrating conch blow, rumbling ocean and grounding sage wrapped us in a deeply beautiful energy as we cast our circle. As we sang our traditional birthday chant, our voices rang up to the clouds, down came droplets of rain.

pure potiential 09pure potiential 10aThrough the portal and into the Dome sanctuary we quickly scurried into the warm, dry dome, laughing at the wonder of Her ways. It was a serendipitous moment. We were blessed with a unique opportunity to gather in this magnificent dome with enough light for Michael Power (Master builder photographer & owner of the sacred dome) to capture this wonderful image of our circle.  Had it not been for the rain bringing us in, we’d have missed that very special opportunity.

TamaraFullMoonDomea1As it would happen, the rain stopped just in time for us to gather again under the darkening sky. In return for our songs and birthday blessings, Elaine, Katherine, Holle and Susan graced us with beautiful gifts of songs, feathers, earth knowledge and light.Pure potiential09 pure potiential12DSC01677We circled round a towering spire of stone holding a large bell and mallet. 12 Goddesses were called into our circle, each announced by a Moon Mother and for each the bell was struck to ring out in welcoming resonance. pure potiential11

Our ceremonial meditation brought us deep within. With clear chakras we focused on our pure potential and envisioned the spectacular year ahead, full of opportunity, empowerment, accomplishment and manifested dreams.

Pure potiential02Upon returning our attention to the round room, we took to our journals to write our meditative thoughts and visions.pure potiential Circle Speak was full of these words. By bringing to the surface our deepest truths, wishes and intentions in a loving, supportive circle of women, we gained new perspective and enhanced ability to confidently embrace 2016 as our highest, most authentic and actualized selves.

By Nicole Klimper

Thank you Erica Crawford for the wonderful photography.

We will gather again February 22, 2016 to honor Aphrodite.  If you want to be added to our guest list please email tamtrejo@pacbell.net