Harvest Moon

On this last full moon of summer, we harvested wisdom.  Just before sunset we gathered at the beach to honor the Roman Goddess, Vesta, and her undying flame.

Our rituals, songs, and words were incantations to invoke the spirit of Vesta that lives in our home (the place our soul resides).  In preparation for this time of extending dark nights, we readied ourselves to be the flame of wisdom and shine light into the darkness for our loved ones.

Donna Scheflier, led us in the opening of the sand dollar ritual. It was symbolic of our inner knowingness and of giving flight to our dreams.  At the water’s edge we broke open the beautiful sand dollars to discover the tiny doves within, that were waiting to be released.

As I gave instructions for the blind~guide walk, I wondered, is this an exercise, ritual, or practice? It was and lesson in trust and tender guidance. The ladies partnered with an unfamiliar circle sister, one became a guide and the other a blind (eyes closed) seeker.  They softly touched, and with very little words, the seer guided the seeker down the beach and around to a sea treasure prize.  The seeker kept her eyes closed and trusted that her guide would not let her stumble or fall.  

Like the Vestal Virgins who kept Vesta’s flame burning for centuries, we Moon Mothers kept our camp fire burning throughout circle speak time.  In lieu of our traditional talking stick, we kept order by way of wisdom wands (12″branches of apple wood).  One by one, each woman shared her words of wisdom, then placed her wisdom wand into the fire.harvest-moon-03

img_3208Still seated around the fire, Leah led us in the song,  I am Light,  by India Arie.  Still singing, we slowly rose to our feet and transitioned to chant and move to, Earth my Body, Water my Blood, Air my Breath, Fire my Spirit.harvest-moonHappy Autumn, may the spirit of Vesta inhabit you home.

Thank you Erica Crawford for the wonderful camera work.


Tamara Trejo





2015 in review

When mother moon was completely unveiled and her strong subtle energy could be felt; she silently called us to gather in divine feminine circle. By way of modern ancient ritual, we intensified our Goddess particles to fully embody our divine feminine wholeness. In the stillness of winter, we dove deep, giving credence to our pure potential.  We enlivened our sensuality by dedicating  ceremony to Aphrodite, then we danced into spring embodying the spirit of Ostara. There were lots of belly laughs when we praised Maat. Kundalini serpent was awakened when we honored Ixchel. When we called upon the spirit of Sarawatti we created poems, stories and pictures. Connecting to mother earth and our fierceness we gathered in the Enchanted Forest to honor Artemis. In bold celebration of Freyja we released prayer lanterns at the beach, then returned to share hearth wisdom in order to honor Vesta. Our year culminated in the rites of passage Crone ceremony. Enjoy the slide show.  We will gather again in a few weeks.  Details coming soon. Sincerely, Tamara Trejo 

Thanksgiving Full Moon


Hello Ladies

This year, the deep autumn full moon occurs thanksgivingon Thanksgiving eve.

I will not call a full moon gathering.  It’s time to travel to your family or prepare your home to receive them.

May you embody the Goddess wisdom of Vesta and feel the prosperity of Lakshmi in this darkening time of the year.




Abundantly Grateful

Abundantly Grateful


Here’s a couple of places to buy gifts created by Goddesses for the Goddesses in your life.

New world Goddess online book store is now open. www.newworldgoddess.com

There you can buy Infinite Goddess and American Goddess art books.  These books contain images of the sacred divine in contemporary women along with short stories of modern goddesses and mythological stories of the ancient Goddesses.


This Saturday and Sunday November 14th and 15th is the annual Goddess festival at herchurch in San Francisco. Here’s a link to the schedule of events.  Goddess Festival

We will gather again on Winter solstice.  December full moon occurs on Christmas day.

May you feel the abundance of this harvest season.


Tamara Trejo


Harvest Moon

Mary Baxter

Mary Baxter

Waves crashed a few feet from the circle of Moon Mothers who accepted the invitation to honor the Goddess Vesta, Keeper of the Hearth, on this Harvest moon, the last full Moon of Summer.vesta07

We celebrated around a fire pit laid in the sand, later to be fed with the Wisdom Wands of each Sister, sharing quotes and poetry brought specially to this hearth of hearts.vesta04

There is a rhythm to the rituals that flow through the Moon Mothers as this ever- evolving group of women experiences the realms of the Goddess as directed and interpreted by Tamara Trejo. First we form a circle, this one blessed by a family of dolphins that swam by us and waved as we began to gather. What a beautiful sign.

We purified our energies and the land on which we stood with the ceremonial smudging of sage. Next, holding hands – left hand facing up to receive, the right hand facing down to give – we opened our circle, each inviting loved ones not able to be present for the moment. The four Sisters born in the month of September, all standing right next to each other, completely unplanned, in our larger circle, were celebrated as we sang and circled around them, each of us offering a birthday wish to them, and then receiving their thanks.



The fire rose high, burning the Wisdom Wands as the words poured from the Moon Mothers, sharing what the Goddess Vesta had inspired.




Finally, with the glow of the Moon teasing through the fog, we called down the Moon, released the fullness in our hearts, and carried this beautiful sharing with the Natural World into our own homes, to our own hearths, welcoming what comes next.


 Goddess Vesta the hearth, and keeping the home

By Mary Baxter




Goddess Vesta on the Harvest Moon

Leah Walters

Leah Walters

It is the last full moon of summer, and Mother Moon shined so bright.

The autumnal equinox will take place this coming Sunday – a time to turn our attention toward our homes, our hearth, and our inner wisdom. To honor the full moon and change of season, we wise women gathered at the beach to pay homage to the Divine Feminine and the Goddess Vesta – Goddess of the Hearth.


The ancient goddess Vesta, known to the Greeks as Hestia, represents the heart of the home and the perpetual flame of wisdom. She was the source of great knowledge for her clan: the great Roman Empire. Vestal virgins dedicated their lives to keeping Vesta’s eternal flame burning in her temple, ensuring that the light of wisdom she possessed for the family of Rome would never go out. Great warriors went to war for the empire, but would always return to the fire and hearth of Vesta.  We too possess the great power and wisdom of Vesta in our own beings.

How can we manifest the spirit of Vesta in our own lives?
In order to allow the voice of our wisdom to surface, we must first let go of what may be holding us from speaking our truth.  Sweet Light Donna Scheifler led us in a moving manifestation exercise through a Sand Dollar ritual

vesta201302Hold the fragile sand dollar to your ear and give it a shake – hear the tiny doves waiting to be released, hear the dreams or goals whispering inside, waiting for your permission to truly manifest? We must break the sand dollar open, let go of our own self-created barriers and release the dreams and goals we secretly hold inside! It is time to allow ourselves to become who we truly are, who we are meant to be as Human Beings, as Women – the American Goddess.vesta201306
*See the bottom of this blog post for Donna’s Sand Dollar Ritual

With our barriers gone… How do we become wise women?

We live into it – we gather it  from our own life experiences and also from the fellowship of our wise sisters. Tonight we have prepared these words of wisdom to share with one another.  A fire is lit to honor the wise goddess Vesta, and talking sticks in the form of kindling are passed to each Moon Mother.  As each woman shares her words of wisdom in the glow of firelight, it soon becomes clear that we are all keepers of the undying feminine flame of Vesta. We all have a separate wisdom and story to share from our own unique lives. Wisdom ranges from the meaning of a Beatles song to Maya Angelou to the code of the pirate! Each piece of wisdom is extraordinary, beautiful and symbolic of a Moon Mother’s journey and experience.  After each woman shares her wisdom, she adds her talking stick (kindling) to the fire to keep the blaze alive. It is a true blessing to witness this event, and a reminder of the wisdom and strength a circle of women provides to one another.

vesta 201301

In the spirit of Vesta and autumn, we must remember to maintain a wise flame to those around us.
So stack your fire wood, light your candles, and prepare your hearth as a flame of wisdom and solace – your clan will be returning soon.  By Leah Walters

Sand Dollar Ritual by Donna Scheifler

Shake your Sand Dollar and listen to the birds/doves rattling around inside.

They symbolize your Intentions / Dreams / Wishes / Hopes.

They can’t fly free until the Sand Dollar is broken open …

Until we break open

Whatever is locked up inside of us

Whatever we’ve been holding onto

Whatever has been holding us back

Our Intentions / Dreams / Wishes / Hopes

Are not allowed to fly free …

Are not able to manifest

When we can break through / release / let go of all of this

Then we can give wings to our

Intentions / Dreams / Wishes / Hopes

Trust that

Whatever needs to be released

Whatever old limiting beliefs that have held us back

Will be revealed to us

Go to the water’s edge and break open your Sand Dollars …
harvest moon 2013Thank you Leah for the nice writing.  Thank you Donna for leading us in the rich sand dollar ritual.

Donna is offering a wonder self actualization class called Your time to Blossom. Here is a link for more information. www.yourtimetoblossom.com

Our next gathering will be a Crone ceremony on the New Moon Friday October 4th.  Details coming soon.

Hope you all celebrate the change of season and keep the home fire burning brightly.




Harvest Moon

On this Harvest moon we gathered at the beach to cast our Divine feminine circle.  In rhythmic harmony with Mother Ocean and the fog horn, Anne Turley blew the conch and Kellie Morlock read the invocation as we Moon Mothers connected to All.

We honored Annette with our blessing song, circle energy and birthday wishes.  In reciprocation she gave each of us red roses.

Autumn is here and the nights are growing longer.  Now is the time to turn toward home.  To prepare for this season we dedicated our ceremony to the Roman Goddess Vesta, Goddess of the hearth, heart of the home.  We recognized life’s simple abundance and gave credence to creating a warm cozy home.

When one embodies the spirit of Vesta, she joyfully creates a sacred space where her clan will find solace and be nurtured by her flame, food and words of wisdom.

On this night we did not pass our communal talking stick, instead we cast our individual sticks in to the fire after speaking words of wisdom.  A few of the women sang songs, one lead us in an ancient chant, some read poems, the Lords Prayer and the Prayer of Serenity was recited, and some women just spoke from the heart.  As each woman shared her voice I could feel Vesta’s spirit envelop our circle .

Here is some the words of wisdom shared by the women in our circle.

Amy Sullivan

Expect a Miracle

Prayer to Vesta for a miracle of healing in our lives and for the planet.

Goddess, blaze forth the miracle of your Golden White Flame now.

I call for a healing miracle in my heart, and in my being wherever healing is needed.

Goddess, blaze forth the miracle of your Golden Flame now.

Expand and saturate within me the wonders

of Your brilliant Flame to purify every cell, atom and electron of my being.

I ask the Golden White Flame to purify all levels of my being and restore me to my Divine Blueprint of Perfection.

O Golden Flame, flood the Earth, Her people and all Her kingdoms with oceans of oceans of Golden White Fire until every particle of Life is restored to Divine Perfection.

May Peace, Love and Light be spread throughout the Earth!

And so it is. Blessed be.  By Dragon Crone Amy Sullivan

Donna Scheifler

When you come to the edge of all that you know, You must believe one of two things:

There will be earth to stand on or You will be given wings to fly.

~ Christina Baldwin

Linda Theroff

Love yourself and love others

Linda Grace

“Sometimes the most important thing in the whole day
is the rest we take between two deep breaths.”
—Etty Hillman

Carol Patin-Gipe

There is vitality, a life force, an energy,

a quickening that is translated

through you into action.

And because there is only one you in all time,

this expression is unique.

And if you block it, it will never exist through

any other medium…the world will not have it.

It is not your business to determine

how good it is, nor how valuable,

nor how it compares with other expressions.

It is your business to keep it yours

 clearly and directly;

to keep the channel open.

 Martha Graham, Dance To The Piper

Charie Harris

Charie, lead us in the beautiful African song, Guide my Feet.  She also captured these images of our circle.

The prayers, chant and songs are better heard, than read. For that reason I am not including them in this post. although, early in the ceremony I was able to inconspicuously capture a short video of Kellie singing Into the Mystic.  Here’s a link.  Song

We closed our circle by the light of Mother Moon and joyfully cleared the space we had inhabited, leaving no visible trace of our ceremony.

Meta carrying the altar basket

The next full moon ceremony will be a Crone ceremony at the Sacred Coastal Canyon.

Happy Autumn