Spring Awaking

At dusk we donned fragrant flowers in our hair.  With fire and breath we ignited dried sage to cleanse our aura in preparation of casting our circle.ostara01

On this first full moon of Spring and second blue moon of this most auspicious year, we resurrected the spirit of Ostara, the Celtic Goddess of Spring.

Like a Mother gently calls her children to rise and shine for the beginning of a new day; Ostara silently calls to all the plants and animals to awaken to the season of re-birth.  Her summons triggers the rooting down and sprouting up of the sleeping seeds, blanketed in earth.

Ostara is the hostess of the Spring jamboree.  She decorates our world with rainbows, scented flowers and waterfalls.  Birds sing her invitation to enjoy her festive bounty.  She serves nourishing carrots, kale, radishes, asparagus, spinach and peas to strengthen our body. She provides more hours of daylight to nourish our soul.  Ostara inspires all living creatures to frolic in jubilee and creativity.

We Moon Mothers, paid homage to Ostara and our personal creative dreams by rhythmically dancing the Fertile Seed ritual.  We heeded her call of new creation by giving birth to poetry and art.


Below is a poem by Helen Mary Schaeffer-Stanford, written just after our Fertile Seed dance.

Ostara Dance

Goddesses gathered.
Powerful, complete.
Knowing and wise.
Sisters of the Moon.

Goddesses gathered.
Ancestors join us.
We chant, Hail Mother Earth.
We dance.
We dance the dance that awakens our spirits to Ostara.

Goddesses gathered.
Warriors blessed.
Wild abandon.

Thank you ladies for showing up so brightly on the Blue moon.  Your art & poetry is so magnificently beautiful. You may want to read your writings at the Open Mic Poetry reading,  Arise Gallery,  678 Portola Dr. San Francisco, Sunday, April 29th, 1pm “til 2:30pm.

May you flourish this season. See you next full moon.


Tamara Trejo



Gifts of Ostara, Goddess of Spring

Ostara, arrives about the same time every year; bringing her gifts of, light, warmth and energy.

Her spirit is felt by the tiniest seeds, and most plump bulbs. She calls for them to anchor down roots and sprout up, to show their beauty. The deciduous trees begin to grow their new leaves to dress for her season. Birds prepare for her arrival by laying eggs of every color.

Ostara, is the Germanic/Celtic Goddess of spring. The Babylonians named her Ishtar, pronounced Easter.

SHE is the Goddess of rebirth, renewed energy, blossoms and manifestations.

Her warming spirit melts the snow, creating powerful waterfall symphonies.

She perfumes the air with the sweet scent of all the spring flowers.

She paints the sky with luminous pastel rainbows.

She brings vitality to every blade of new spring-green grass, every tulip, daffodil and newly born bunny rabbit.

She infuses us all with enthusiasm to manifest our germinating dreams.

Upon her arrival all of life awakens in renewed magnificence.

These are the gifts of our Goddess Ostara.

On the last full moon of winter, we donned fresh flowers in our hair to begin our ceremony.  In the Redwood tree circle we rooted down and sprouted up in a flowing dance, to embody the spirit of Ostara.  We were both the Goddess and the seed, creating warmth and blossoming into brilliance.

Satiated by our sacred dance, we walked silently to the lodge and began to draw and write of our budding aspirations; giving energy and voice to our personal vision.

In closing, we bathed in the light of the last full moon of winter.

Goodbye dark Winter…  Hello light Spring…


Tamara Trejo

Ostara Goddess of fertile abundance

As the sun set we donned fresh jasmine in our hair and cast our circle during soft twilight. DSCN5683 Our ceremony was dedicated to the Goddess Ostara and the women who choose to be born in the month of March.  Ostar’s spirit of abundance showed up plentifully.  Our birthday blessing was reciprocated by Shirley, Tenaya, and Chrisann, with tangible gifts, of hand painted rocks, brooches, worry dolls, and fresh greeting cards complete with postage stamps for sending to our dear ones. DSCN5690 In honor of Ostara the Celtic Goddess of Spring, rebirth, abundance and fertility, we embodied her spirit through dance, art and writing.  We began our dance as a fertile seed, germinating in Mother Earth. DSCN5704 Then sprouted into a dazzling array of wild flowers. DSCN5728 DSCN5716 DSCN5713Returning to our genesis, we rested… DSCN5733 Satiated from our dance and still in our right mind we began to create oil pastel art from our expressive dance.  Donna prompted us into a  writing flow, that brought words to our art. The results were extraordinary and as varied as all the Spring flowers. DSCN5738 Sharing our art was another layer of Ostara embodiment.DSCN5763 DSCN5770 DSCN5751

Poem By Helen

Poem By Helen

Art by Helen

Art by Helen

DiNucci-Writing-2 copy

Art by Lauren

Art by Lauren

Poem By Kristin/Ajeetdev

I am a Seed

Subterranean water softens my skin

Fire in my Belly



Newly formed leaves strain to separate and catch the wind


Absorbing water, sun

Rapid strength

Upward, Up, Up the spiral


Slumber . . . . Transition.

 We closed our circle with gratitude and song, called down the moon and enjoyed cookies gifted by Shirley.

We will gather again Thursday April 21st.

Happy Easter Ishtar


Tamara Trejo


2015 in review

When mother moon was completely unveiled and her strong subtle energy could be felt; she silently called us to gather in divine feminine circle. By way of modern ancient ritual, we intensified our Goddess particles to fully embody our divine feminine wholeness. In the stillness of winter, we dove deep, giving credence to our pure potential.  We enlivened our sensuality by dedicating  ceremony to Aphrodite, then we danced into spring embodying the spirit of Ostara. There were lots of belly laughs when we praised Maat. Kundalini serpent was awakened when we honored Ixchel. When we called upon the spirit of Sarawatti we created poems, stories and pictures. Connecting to mother earth and our fierceness we gathered in the Enchanted Forest to honor Artemis. In bold celebration of Freyja we released prayer lanterns at the beach, then returned to share hearth wisdom in order to honor Vesta. Our year culminated in the rites of passage Crone ceremony. Enjoy the slide show.  We will gather again in a few weeks.  Details coming soon. Sincerely, Tamara Trejo 

Last full moon of winter 2015

Wendy Sterndale

Wendy Sterndale


With Spring flowers placed in our hair we gathered at


the Optimist Volunteer Youth Camp (OVY) in San Gregorio to dedicate our ceremony to Ostara, the Celtic Goddess of Spring, and to the women born during the month of March.

DSC07419_2DSC07422DSC07432Tamara introduced us to Ostara, “After a long, cold winter, Ostara arrives and graces the earth with the pastel colors of rainbows, spring flowers and green grasses.”

“The mighty Oak sleeps

In the heart of a seed

There are miracles in

you and me.”

Jenna Stanfield

We birthed our individual dreams that we will midwife into life this year. During this past winter, we incubated thoughts that may have entered through each one’s third eye and is now time to manifest with the first spark of spring.

We started our evening at twilight, first lying down in the fetal position in the grass in the final stage of incubation, DSCN3808then danced on the lush lawn. that is also the doorway to gopher homes. The gophers were very polite, allowed us to dance with our scarves on their roof.

DSC07447DSC07455Spring dance

We ended this portion of the gathering back in fetal position or child’s pose. When the dancing was done, we silently went inside to express what we are embodying. We drew lines and shapes using whatever color we chose in the moment. Then, we turned the paper over, and wrote three interpretations of our drawing into prepared columns:

1) physical – what we saw on the page,

2) emotional – what feelings are expressed,

3) symbolic – personal meaning of the images.

We then looked at the words in each of the columns, noticed which ones repeated and while considering the drawing we had made, wrote a message to ourselves.DSCN3810

Lastly, we came together in a circle and each shared our dreams and the wonderful drawings of what we birthed this evening.DSCN3821

By Wendy Sterndale


A big thank you to Erica Crawford and Annette Ward for the lovely photography.

Ostara Awakening

Dr. Lisa Chu

Dr. Lisa Chu

Goddess Ostara’s arrival on the coastside was already beginning. The bluffs were alive with the impossibly bright colors of wildflowers and the hills were a vibrant green, quenched by winter’s rains. The entryway at ENSO gallery and yoga studio echoed this display of rainbow colors, with skirts, scarves, and fresh spring flower hairpieces for each participant.

Our opening circle took place on the outdoor platform, with the sun lowering behind wispy clouds over the ocean. As each one- or two-word blessing was released into the circle for March “birthday girls” Shirley and Cris, a dome of serenity and light formed around us – an energy field we could feel in our cells.

Shirley offered tokens for each woman. “Hug”, “Love”, and “Dream” were some of the values etched on each small round coin, a treasure we could hold in the palm of our hand.

Cris brought her banjo. She sang her own bluegrass song to Ostara, inspiring foot stomping, clapping, and plenty of laughter.

Chris Garrett

Chris Garrett

We moved inside for the heart of the Ostara ritual – a freestyle dance from seed to flower. Beginning close to the earth, we connected to the stillness and silence at the essence of seed. As the music played long, slow tones, we began to move slowly, exploring sprouts and shoots emerging. As our motions expanded, the music shifted to an exuberant anthem on the power and joy of being woman. Colorful scarves, brightly layered skirts, and the scent of sweet-smelling jasmine spun around the room in pulsations and waves, as women swirled, clapped, sang, and swayed. The final phase of the dance was a return to the earth, a reconnection with the source, and an expression of thanks to Ostara.

March full moon

March 01


In Circle Speak, we each took the opportunity to plant a seed of intention with our voice, by speaking of a dream we wish to nurture into existence. Around the circle, women spoke of dormant manuscripts locked away in drawers, art supplies purchased and left untouched in garages, websites being launched, book ideas being born, life transitions being confronted and new spaces opening up.

In closing, Tammy left us with the potent images of the rabbit and the egg, signs of fertility and carriers of Ostara’s energy of spring renewal.

Mother Moon was creamy and bright, visible just above the hilltops in the clear night sky, open to receive our call to end the evening….and begin a new season of life.

 By Dr. Lisa Chu