Goddess Ixchel ~ Medicine Woman

The ancient Maya believed in many Gods, but only one Goddess, Ixchel;  Medicine woman, sage, and weaver.  She presides over child-birth, wounded warriors, and the ill.  She is depicted as a Crone, to symbolize wisdom. Her crown is a snake coiled on her head, symbolic of new life and awakened kundalini. There seems to be a little Hindu belief in this mythology, hence she is a weaver.  Ixchel, carries a large satchel over one shoulder and a walking stick in her other hand.  The large satchel symbolized strength and healing remedies, the walking stick, a symbol of her earth travels.

All women of our Moon Mothers tribe, possess a unique healing gift.  Some heal by way of traditional and herbal medicine. Some heal, via Reiki, humor, song, compassionate listening, and giving sage advice.

Ixchel, reminds us that Mother Earth provides us all with free medicine. Mother Earth gives us an abundant supply of the obvious, herbs, food, and water, to keep us healthy and heal our ailments.  There’s also, that not so obvious, health-giving gift she constantly provides. It’s her subtly restorative vibration.  Her rhythmic heartbeat, aligns us into flowing health. We need only to connect, to feel her therapeutic resonance.

As we Navigate todays modern society, it’s so easy to become disconnected from Mother Earth’s perfect healing pulsation.  As we walk through this world wearing shoes and spending a lot of time in buildings, we become disconnected from her health-giving frequency.

On this full moon we invoked the spirit of Ixchel.  We Moon Mothers created prayer flags, for planetary healing and wove them together in honor of the weaving, healing Goddess, Ixchel. In the mystical meadow surrounded by ancient Redwood trees we laid on our backs and connected to the heart beat of Mother Earth.  Through a guided  meditation, we moved into our imaginal mind to clear our chakras so that our kundalini serpent could rise to our crowns.

With new clarity, awakened kundalini and a deep connection to Mother Earth, each women spoke of her innate healing gifts.

Thank you Mary Baxter for providing turkey dinner,  Thank you Jennifer Gray for hosting us at your sacred home.  Thank you Erica Crawford for excellent photography.

Below is a visual glimpse into our sacred circle.

2015 in review

When mother moon was completely unveiled and her strong subtle energy could be felt; she silently called us to gather in divine feminine circle. By way of modern ancient ritual, we intensified our Goddess particles to fully embody our divine feminine wholeness. In the stillness of winter, we dove deep, giving credence to our pure potential.  We enlivened our sensuality by dedicating  ceremony to Aphrodite, then we danced into spring embodying the spirit of Ostara. There were lots of belly laughs when we praised Maat. Kundalini serpent was awakened when we honored Ixchel. When we called upon the spirit of Sarawatti we created poems, stories and pictures. Connecting to mother earth and our fierceness we gathered in the Enchanted Forest to honor Artemis. In bold celebration of Freyja we released prayer lanterns at the beach, then returned to share hearth wisdom in order to honor Vesta. Our year culminated in the rites of passage Crone ceremony. Enjoy the slide show.  We will gather again in a few weeks.  Details coming soon. Sincerely, Tamara Trejo 

Ixchel Returns

Tamara Trejo

Tamara Trejo

On this Beltane moon we gathered at Jennifer Ball’s sacred meadow among the giant Redwoods in Butano Canyon. Upon arrival each woman created a prayer flag that we wove together as a symbol of our connection to the Mayan Medicine Moon Goddess Ixchel. Ixchell

Ixchel01During our traditional opening ceremony we chanted and gave blessing to four lovely ladies who chose to be born in the month of May. They reciprocated by giving us intricately cut sacred stones, fresh tulips, sleek little bags filled with treasures, a soulful song played on a wooden flute and showered us with rose petals. The richness of our circle was palpable.


At twilight, when the veil between the worlds are thin, we moved our circle around the fire-pot. We sat on the ground to connect our bodies to the subtle vibration of Mother Earth and hear the whispers of Ixchel.

The Mayan prophecy is unfolding and we have all chose to be born as women in this shifting time. Softly and slowly our civilization is returning to the feminine ways of the Matriarch.

To connect even deeper with Ixchel and awaken the sleeping kundalini serpent, we settled into a chakra clearing meditation. Laying on our back with our head facing into the circle, we calmed our mind and one by one focused our attention on each of the seven chakaras.  Using our breath to open and clear any blocks, we embodied the healing power of Ixchel. After resting for a few moments in a heighten state of consciousness, we returned to a seated position. Passing the Mayan talking stick (a gift from a Tulum Mayan medicine woman) we took turns speaking our healing truth.Ixchel09Ixchel08

With the fire-pot blazing we returning to our feet to dance, sing and close our sacred circle.

We will gather again June 2nd to honor the Goddess Freya.  Hope you can join us.


Tamara trejo

Flower Moon of May

Kellie Morlock

Kellie Morlock

On a warm and glorious evening, 15 Moon Mothers gathered among the redwoods in Butano Canyon for the Flower Moon of May, second full moon of Spring. Honoring the goddess Ixchell, medicine woman, midwife & weaver with a serpent crown. We laid on the earth for a guided meditation for opening our chakras to allow the kundalini “serpent” to flow through our bodies.


Upon arrival, we each created a prayer flag with words of wisdom and empowerment. We then wove the flags onto a line, braiding shiny beads in with them. The ritual proceeded with our honoring the seven directions, calling in those who could not be present, clearing the energy with sage, and celebrating the lovely women chosen to be born in May. They each presented us with flowers after receiving their blessings from the group.



As we then connected with Mother Earth and opened our chakras in our group meditation while reclining on the grass,  reveling in the beautiful evening that massaged us with her twilight glory. We shared our insights and strengths during circle speak, empowering ourselves and each other with wisdom and love. After standing in a close-knit circle around the fire to close the ritual, we communed over goodies brought to share and the great company brought to life in the moon’s abundant glow.

Blessings and gratitude,

By Kellie Morlock

Thank you Kellie, brilliant summation of a profound gathering.

Below are a couple of other offering by the Moon Mothers.

Drum Circle

This is a small group of kind women (beginning drummers) we meet once a month to drum for souls sake.

Sunday May 25th Noon lunch (potluck) 1pm to 3pm drumming.

Please RSVP Annette Ward (650) 355-9134




The Art of Being in the Body

mm blog“One of the most radical things women can do is to love their body.”

Eve Ensler


Are you feeling bold? You are invited to embark on a heroine’s journey like never before, and explore, experience and express your whole and true Self. This workshop is designed to guide participants through the process of creating a life-sized Body Being Painting of their authentic, divine, mythical, natural selves. Who are you really?


Friday, June 6th at 6pm through Saturday, June 7th at 8 pm.

Cost: $225.

Where: Naui – Island of Now Studio & Getaway in Sebastopol

There are still a couple of spaces available, To reserve your space contact:


Amy Sullivan

7934 Juanita Ct.

Sebastopol, CA 94044

Questions? Please call Amy at 650-455-2145 (cell)


Amy Sullivan, MFT, is an artist, therapist and healing guide. She has 20+ years of experience helping people realize their true natures through art, mindfulness and deep healing work. http://www.amysullivanmft.com

Suzanne DeVeuve, has been an artist for 30 years. Her art represents her inner journey of self-discovery and the mystical divine. It embraces the wisdom of nature, and indigenous teachings, opening us to other dimensions and realities. http://www.suzannedeveuve.com


Hope all your dreams are sprouting into life and growing into reality.




Tamara Trejo







Super Moon in the Redwoods

Full Moon Ceremony Dedicated to the Goddess Ixchel

Ixchel came into consciousness through the ancient Mayan people.  The Mayan’s were mighty warriors and amazingly advanced astronomers. They had many Gods for different aspects of life, but only one Goddess, Ixchel.  She presided over healing and midwifery. In ancient depictions she is portrayed as a crone wearing a serpent crown on her head, with a walking stick in one hand and a basket in the other.  She is portrayed as a crone to show her wisdom, the serpent crown symbolizes her kundalini serpent, powerful and awake, the basket because she is a great weaver and the walking stick a wand.

On this most auspicious night, Super Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse, we cast our circle outside the home of Jennifer Gray in a magical meadow among the giant Redwoods.  At twilight, when the veil is thin between the worlds, we wrote powerful healing words on green fabric hearts. We then braided them into one long string to weave together a super charged prayer flag in honor of Ixchel, the Mayan healing moon Goddess.

To strengthen our connection to Ixchel, wise Dragon Crone (Amy Sullivan) lead us in a kundalini activation movement. This awakened the sleeping serpent coiled at the base of our spine. Time to clear our chakras through meditation.  We spread our blankets and laid down on our backs.  To the beat of her Shaman drum, Amy lead us deep into our bodies, focusing on each chakra, one by one, opening and clearing.  Feeling our kundalini power rise upwards while we were connected deeply to Mother Earth brought us to a state of nirvana. Upon returning from that mystical journey, I opened my eyes and saw the first star of the night in an indigo sky surround by the silhouette of Giant Redwoods. Of course I made a wish.

Fully present on every level, each women spoke of her healing actions in this world.

The Dalai Lama said

“The world will be saved by the Western woman.”

As I listened to the ladies in this circle speak of how they heal and who they mid-wife, I had a deep feeling that it is true – the Western woman will save the world.


prayer flagweaving02

Enjoy these last few weeks of Spring.  Hope that all your seeds are sprouting and blossoming.