Boldness of Freyja

Freyja always commands us to step off our predictable path and choose the excitement of newness.  On this most auspicious full moon-summer solstice night, we dedicated our ceremony to the Goddess Freyja.  In return she gifted us dramatic elements so that we had to reform our traditional circle.  As we began the ritual of casting our circle, mother ocean rose up to greet us with delicate wet kisses on our feet.

Freyja 02 Freyja 04

In compliance with the power of mother ocean and energy of the Nordic Goddess invoked by our circle, we joyfully romped in the frigid ocean.


Familiar with the unpredictable sleeper waves at high tide on a full moon, I knew it wasn’t a good idea to sit in our normal circle spot.  So on this night our circle became a half-moon.  Using the theater style seating that mother ocean had carved into the bluff, our ceremony became an impressive show of brave boldness, complete with a dazzling light show of the setting sun.freyja09One by one, each moon mother fearlessly stood with her back to the rising tide. Raising her voice above the roar of mother ocean she gracefully told the story of her boldness.freyja08 Freyja01The narratives delivered in this cathedral of the elements gave credence to the adventures of the storytellers and inspired the listeners.  There’s a thin line between boldness and foolishness.  If you’re afraid of foolishness you might not ever feel the exhilaration of jumping out of an airplane, or into a cold ocean. To walk the path of Goddess, one must veer off her customary path and risk foolishness.

To all you foolish-risk-taking moon mothers, I honor your boldness, it served you well.

We will gather again on Tuesday, July 19th, in the Enchanted forest, details coming soon.


Tamara Trejo


Full moon-summer solstice

Hello Ladies,

You’re invited to Full Moon-Summer Solstice ceremony, dedicated to the Goddess Freyja,
Monday June 20th, 8pm South Miramar Beach Half Moon Bay.

Bring a blanket, towel and flash light.

Token of appreciation 20 to 50 dollars.

Let me know if you will attend via email or text me at 650-303-5515


Tamara Trejo


2015 in review

When mother moon was completely unveiled and her strong subtle energy could be felt; she silently called us to gather in divine feminine circle. By way of modern ancient ritual, we intensified our Goddess particles to fully embody our divine feminine wholeness. In the stillness of winter, we dove deep, giving credence to our pure potential.  We enlivened our sensuality by dedicating  ceremony to Aphrodite, then we danced into spring embodying the spirit of Ostara. There were lots of belly laughs when we praised Maat. Kundalini serpent was awakened when we honored Ixchel. When we called upon the spirit of Sarawatti we created poems, stories and pictures. Connecting to mother earth and our fierceness we gathered in the Enchanted Forest to honor Artemis. In bold celebration of Freyja we released prayer lanterns at the beach, then returned to share hearth wisdom in order to honor Vesta. Our year culminated in the rites of passage Crone ceremony. Enjoy the slide show.  We will gather again in a few weeks.  Details coming soon. Sincerely, Tamara Trejo 

Blue Moon

We gathered on the Blue moon to honor Freyja the Goddess of bold celebration.  Rather then tell you all about our circle I’ll just share pictures and a poem.

Opening Ceremony

Opening Ceremony

Erica Crawford

Erica Crawford

Nicole reading the traditional dedication to the seven directions

Nicole reading the traditional dedication
to the seven directions

Bold women wading in the water to call upon the spirit of Freyja

Bold women wading in the water to call upon the spirit of Freyja

Freyja hear our call

Freyja hear our call

circle speak

circle speak

circle speak

circle speak

circle speak

circle speak

Team work, wishes, patience and boldness

Team work, wishes, patience and boldness

Only the bold

Only the bold

Dear Bold woman,

You inspire me by your fearless actions. Your strong stance is a bacon of light in a dense jungle. From a place of tangled bramble to tall to see over, you boldly carved a path to a joyful sacred place.

Inspired by your actions I began to walk your path. A few steps in, it became a labyrinth maze. Step by step your foot prints disappeared. In an instant there were weeds too tall to see over and too thick to see through. I could no longer find my way clear to follow your bold path.

Sweat on my brow and tears on my cheeks, I used all my muscles and tools to clear away the thick brush that darkened my course. Fearful and constrained by the entanglements. Refusing to be lost. Time to clear a path of my own.

In the distance, above the enmeshment I could see your torch. Your light re-ignited my fierce aim. Then without fear I boldly created my own way to the sacred celebration.

As I glanced back I saw a timed woman somewhere on my kaleidoscope path. One step closer she was shrouded in thicket.

I heard the swish of her machete as she began to boldly clear the bramble that darkened her way.

Silently she echoed my knowingness. Our paths are as unique as our fingerprints and as beautiful as any mandala. Walk boldly and celebrate your creation.


The American Goddess

Ixchel Returns

Tamara Trejo

Tamara Trejo

On this Beltane moon we gathered at Jennifer Ball’s sacred meadow among the giant Redwoods in Butano Canyon. Upon arrival each woman created a prayer flag that we wove together as a symbol of our connection to the Mayan Medicine Moon Goddess Ixchel. Ixchell

Ixchel01During our traditional opening ceremony we chanted and gave blessing to four lovely ladies who chose to be born in the month of May. They reciprocated by giving us intricately cut sacred stones, fresh tulips, sleek little bags filled with treasures, a soulful song played on a wooden flute and showered us with rose petals. The richness of our circle was palpable.


At twilight, when the veil between the worlds are thin, we moved our circle around the fire-pot. We sat on the ground to connect our bodies to the subtle vibration of Mother Earth and hear the whispers of Ixchel.

The Mayan prophecy is unfolding and we have all chose to be born as women in this shifting time. Softly and slowly our civilization is returning to the feminine ways of the Matriarch.

To connect even deeper with Ixchel and awaken the sleeping kundalini serpent, we settled into a chakra clearing meditation. Laying on our back with our head facing into the circle, we calmed our mind and one by one focused our attention on each of the seven chakaras.  Using our breath to open and clear any blocks, we embodied the healing power of Ixchel. After resting for a few moments in a heighten state of consciousness, we returned to a seated position. Passing the Mayan talking stick (a gift from a Tulum Mayan medicine woman) we took turns speaking our healing truth.Ixchel09Ixchel08

With the fire-pot blazing we returning to our feet to dance, sing and close our sacred circle.

We will gather again June 2nd to honor the Goddess Freya.  Hope you can join us.


Tamara trejo

Bold Goddess Freyja circle


Gina Chang

Gina Chang

We opened our night with a circle outside, under a lavender sky. The sound of the ocean cradling our voices, as we called out to the goddesses, seven directions, ancestors, and those near and dear to us.

We circled and sang to the women who chose to be born in June: Donna, Leah, Amy. We gave these three our love and blessings and received theirs in return…the image of a poppy and the advice to open to our light from Donna, wise words and a beautiful song from Leah, ring of fire in the form of a warm and fuzzy necklace from Amy.

We moved inside for a few moments to learn about Freya, the Norse goddess of love, sexuality, fertility, prosperity, and magic. One of my favorite days of the week, Friday, was named after Freya – a day to stop working and start playing. With Freya we celebrate our boldness.

And then outside again to experience one bold act together, running out into the cold ocean, with pants and skirts hiked high (some higher than others…celebrating Freya and the Moon quite literally 😉


wadein the water

As we washed our feet in the flower petal and ginger laced tubs of cold and warm water, we gathered around the fire to warm up with celebratory belly laughs.


Inside for circle speak, where we bravely shared our boldness. Some said YES! to bold acts of accepting love and moving into new places and into the unknown…some said NO! cutting people or situations or environments out of their lives. And some spoke of bold acts yet to come. We spent time sending our loving thoughts of support and encouragement to one another.

Our closing circle and end of night conversations continued the spirit of our bold celebration into the night and beyond.

Mother Moon was at turns wearing her veil of clouds and sailing out from behind them to be seen and called out in all her glory and wild woman boldness.

By Gina Chang


Thank you Gina, for your wonderful writing.  Thank you Barbara for the great pictures.

Below are some upcoming  offerings by the Moon Mothers.

Drum Circle


This small group of women (beginning drummers) gather once a month to drum for souls sake.

Sunday June 22nd Noon lunch (potluck) 1pm to 3pm drumming.

Please RSVP  Annette Ward (650) 355-9134


Half-day Women’s Retreat

Facilitated by Donna Scheifler

Sunday, June 22, 2014
To avoid the heat of the noonday sun  we’ll gather 2 – 5 pm.

Mindfulness, meditation, and journaling will help you get back in touch with your deeper self and with what wants to blossom in you. Let the beauty in nature and power of a women’s circle restore you. Leave inspired with a sense of how you want to step into your summer.

Pulgas Ridge10450520_678512905563061_1991724159127187172_n

Open Space Preserve

Entrance on Edmonds Rd
Redwood City, CA
(near Hwy 280 & Edgewood Road)

Cost: $30
Bring a friend and
you can both attend for $50

RSVP by calling 650-366-5510





Portrait of Self  in Half Moon Bay

soulcollage june

 New Moon Goddess Celebration

Sunday, June 29th, 630pm at Dina’s home.

UnknownHonoring   Hindu Goddess Tara

Please Join us for Stories, Poems, & Ceremony
Bring your journals, Dress Warm, Bring a Blanket
Host- Dina Ayala, CMT 650-557-0544
My new website address:
My Blog:
Shelley Moore, Soul Purpose Reader 650-303-9250

Where: 912 Anza Drive Pacifica
Please RSVP to Dina
650 557-0544

Donations Appreciated ($10-$30)