Conceived through ancient Goddess mythology, we gave birth to modern rituals.  The unstoppable spirit of the Divine Feminine brings magical energy and wisdom to our Goddess circle.  We are the true legacy of our ancestral Grandmothers, who fearlessly engaged in full moon ritual.

On this first full moon of summer we gathered in the Enchanted Forest, in celebration and ceremony. Within minutes we created a soft sensual palace near the cathedral of trees.

The powerful story of Artemis and her mythological tribe inspired our tribe of enlightened women to engage in rhythmic ritual.  The beats of our drums, tambourines and shakers, sent out primal human vibrations to all the trees in the forest.  In return they released subtle wisdom energy absorbed by the sensitive Moon Mothers. The silent whispers of our ancestral Mothers was clearly heard, as our dance parade galvanized into a waking dream of beauty.

From a magnificent vantage point seen by few, we opened to the feminine energy of the full moon’s light casting through the trees. Deeply connected to Mother Earth, each woman became a clear channel of universal wisdom.  Linking together we transformed into a vessel of wisdom and fluidly moved into the unknown, to celebrate the mysteries of the universe.


May you embrace the wisdom of uncertainty, and experience magic.

We will gather again for SoulCollage circle, Saturday, July 22nd. 10:30am, at Stillpath Healing Center, Woodside. Details



Tamara Trejo



Orange full Moon

This October, the full moon occurred on Half Moon Bay’s Pumpkin Festival weekend.  Good time for me to get out-of-town and hold circle elsewhere.  My dear friend Jewls, invited me to facilitate a full moon ceremony and SoulCollage® circle at her home in Orange, (Southern California).  Thank you Jewl’s for hosting me, and gathering the women in your warm and sensual home.jewls01Our time was very rich with communion, Divine Feminine spirit, ritual and creativity.



Jean Shined Bolden, M.D. writes in her book,  Moving Towards the Millionth Circle, Energizing the Global Women’s movement:  “Moving toward the millionth circle is about heart-centered activism and women’s circle with a heart center.  The metaphoric millionth circle is the tipping point into a post-patriarchal ear, based on the premise that when a critical number of people change their perceptions and behavior, a new era can begin”. 

As I reflect on the Southern California Goddess circle, I feel that I did my part to inspire one more feminine circle that will grow stronger and bring women closer to the tipping point of ushering in this new era of the matriarch.


Thank you ladies of Orange, for showing up so brightly.  Best wishes on continuing to gather in circle, and honor your Divine Feminine spirit.  You are all welcome to visit the Half Moon Bay Moon Mothers full moon ceremony anytime.

The Goddess Festival at herchurch, San Francisco, begins 11-11-2016.         festival schedule

We Moon Mothers of Half Moon Bay, will gather again Monday, November 14th.,  details coming soon.

Enjoy these extending hours of night-time.


Tamara Trejo

Tamara Trejo


Wisdom of Atremis

On this high summer, full moon night, the women were called to the Enchanted forest by the silent whisper of the Goddess. With a clear view of the sun melting into mother ocean, we cast our circle atop the wooded bluff top. Anointed with essential oil and fairy dust, we opened our intuitive sixth chakra to become clear conduits of Goddess wisdom.artemis01Artemis03Our individual clear minds became one universal master mind of true wisdom and right action.artemis02In deep appreciation for each other and the world, we began our pilgrimage through the forest to forge deeper into ourselves and become more clear of our intentions.  Without words, mindful of each step, we walked deliberately.  Consuming the beauty of the forest, songs of the birds, scent of the soil and cypress, we dissolved the veils of separateness.artemis04 With a heightened sense of light and sound we returned to our circle to enjoy the ancient story of Artemis.

The peaceful warrior Goddess, Artemis is known to be a midwife, way~shower, incredible athlete, unerring archer and tribe leader of wood nymphs.  Born with an astonishing aim and the power to always hit her target, she eventually became vain and competitive.  One day her twin brother, Apollo, tricked her into shooting and killing her only true love, Orion.  With a broken heart, she turned Orion into a star constellation and vowed to only use her talent as an archer to protect and serve.  She chose to leave her family and live in the forest.  Her father, Zeus, created a tribe of feminine wood nymphs to keep her company.  Artemis has become the archetype of transformation through tragedy.  The warrior Goddess, Artemis, protects women, is deeply connected to Mother Earth, and shines her light so others can find their way…

Artemis05We aligned our wisdom tunnel with the full moon.  One by one, each woman closed her eyes and slowly walked thru the two lines of women who whispered of her magnificence.  When she opened her eyes at the end of the tunnel, Mother moon was shining low on the horizon, symbolizing Artemis’ guiding light.artemis06

Next full moon ceremony Thursday August 18th.  details coming soon.

In the meantime your invited to Summer Half-Day Women’s Retreat

Facitlitated by Donna Scheifler
Labyrinth at Redwood Shores Saturday, July 30th, 1-5pm

This is your chance to recharge.

Mindfulness practices, meditation, journaling
and walking a Labyrinth
will help you get back in touch
with your resilient self.

Please RSVP


Tamara Trejo

2015 in review

When mother moon was completely unveiled and her strong subtle energy could be felt; she silently called us to gather in divine feminine circle. By way of modern ancient ritual, we intensified our Goddess particles to fully embody our divine feminine wholeness. In the stillness of winter, we dove deep, giving credence to our pure potential.  We enlivened our sensuality by dedicating  ceremony to Aphrodite, then we danced into spring embodying the spirit of Ostara. There were lots of belly laughs when we praised Maat. Kundalini serpent was awakened when we honored Ixchel. When we called upon the spirit of Sarawatti we created poems, stories and pictures. Connecting to mother earth and our fierceness we gathered in the Enchanted Forest to honor Artemis. In bold celebration of Freyja we released prayer lanterns at the beach, then returned to share hearth wisdom in order to honor Vesta. Our year culminated in the rites of passage Crone ceremony. Enjoy the slide show.  We will gather again in a few weeks.  Details coming soon. Sincerely, Tamara Trejo 


Amy Sullivan

Amy Sullivan

I knew it was going to be a special evening as I was walking toward the Enchanted Forest. Looking at the light of the setting sun through the tunnel of trees, I could feel excitement in the air.

With a broken elbow, I still managed to blow the conch to assemble the chatty goddesses.artemis02

Due to fire hazard, we smudged one another with aromatherapy spritzers, dousing oils, and a special glitter stamp for the third eye.artemis 04

Kristen called in the seven directions, and soon the women who chose to be born in the month of July were in the center. Tammy Trejo, Carolanne Mendala, and Erica Crawford received blessings from the circle of sisters. To keep the energy flowing they reciprocated with gifts of white sage incense, glitter painted rocks and goddess craft sundries.

Tammy then introduced us to the goddess, Artemis, huntress, midwife and wayshower. An un-airing archer, Artemis was tricked by her brother, Apollo, into shooting her beloved Orion. In her grief, she asked her father, Zeus, to let her retreat into the forest to live with a group of wood nymphs. There she developed her mentorship skills as she helped women make their way in the world.
To experience finding our own way in the woods, we walked the perimeter in silence noticing majestic trees, fairy dwellings, and bright orange bursts of sunlight silhouetting the tall, dark cypress trees and the train of circle sisters.atremis06

Interestingly, Artemis is associated with the cypress tree, and they stole the show enfolding us in their loving arms throughout the evening.
With the sound of the waves crashing, we formed two lines to whisper the wisdom of the ancestors and channeled messages upon each other. One by one with eyes closed, we were carried through the procession amidst tears and laughter.artemis10artemis11
At circle speak, we spoke about what we stand for, who we stand up for, and whose shoulders we have stood upon. Incredible women of influence articulated themes of love, creativity, truth, and justice.

Lisa Forward closed the circle giving thanks and releasing all spirits who were present. She said she could hear them giggling throughout the ceremony. She thanked the elements – air, water, fire and earth and so it is. A ho!
Afterwards we shared a veritable feast if marzipan goddess cake, macaroons, goat cheese, grapes and strawberries.



I could have stayed all night, but alas, it was time depart. May the goddess be with you on your summer travels, exploits and adventures.
We didn’t need to turn on flashlights as the moon, shining brightly through the tall cypress trees, lighted our way home.


By Amy Sullivan

Thank you Amy for your exquisite writing.  Thank you Erica and Elaine for the fine photography.

Artemis Full Moon Circle

Barbara Lewicki

Barbara Lewicki

We gathered by the sea at the hour of eight

We knew the moon, though unseen, would rise full and great

The Enchanted Forest was our meeting spot
Though it was July, it was anything but hot

A thick fog obscured the horizon and moon
But we were assured it’d be rising soon

In jackets and hats, all dressed warmly and dryly
“It must be summer!” someone commented wryly

A conch call began our ceremony
Our circle felt solid, warm and homey

We honored each of the four directions
And so began our time of reflection

We called in those who were not present
To join our monthly full moon event

With purple glitter we anointed our foreheads
And sprayed lavender mist (which later scented our beds!)

We danced and sang “Sha la ma, sha la ma beta”
Our voices blended, we sounded great-ah

The three July babies were encircled and blessed
They gave us back poetry and lavender zest

This month we honored the goddess Artemis
Who would’ve felt at home in a forest like this

She was a free spirit, a fearless huntress,
A powerful woman that no man could oppress

Artemis was a midwife. She assisted with
Her twin brother’s birth. (Hey, it can happen in myth!)

Our next activity was a “Birthing Line”
Each woman walked through, one at a time

As she passed by with eyes closed, the other women bestowed
Blessings upon her until she virtually glowed

Next we sat in a circle and shared
For whom we stood, fought, honored and cared

Finally we closed our evening event
But before back through the forest we were sent

A princess cake appeared, as if by magic
(To miss this delight would have truly been tragic!)

We honored Tammy, a goddess if ever there was one
Who makes our monthly meetings both meaningful and fun

We had an impromptu picnic, complete with champagne
The goodies were eaten, the bottle we did drain

There was melon, grapes, cheese, crackers and macaroons poufy
I hope you like this poem, even though it’s a bit goofy…

Like me.

–B. Lewicki





july fm


Thank you Barbara for your wonderful writing and photographs.  Your gifts a greatly appreciated.


Below is a link to a short video from inside the circle, during the Birthday blessing chant.

Sha La Ma Sha La Ma Beta


Wishing you all balance in this time of long days.


Tamara Trejo

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