Book Club / Marry your Muse

Marry Your Muse

Making a lasting commitment to your creativity

by Jan Phillips 


Book Club

Thursday Mornings 10:30am to 12:30pm Starting April 18th.

Our last gathering will be on Friday May 24th 4:30pm Jan Phillips will join us on that day.

Emerging Space Greenhouse inside Pardini’s Nursery

401 Prospect Way Half Moon Bay Harbor

Working and would-be writers, photographers, painters, journal keepers, sculptors, musicians, poets, and creative folk in every field will find inspiration and practical suggestions in this joyous book. This complete course in creative expression is based on Jan Phillips’ smash “Marry Your Muse” workshops, and was chosen a Ben Franklin Award gold medal winner for 1997.

In Part One, the stirring affirmations of The Artist’s Creed empower us to become more confident and productive. In Part Two, anecdotes, photographs, quotations to ponder, fun and effective exercises help us discover a deep and satisfying form of self-expression. In Part Three, the heartful stories of working artists inspire us to fall in love with the artist within

This book has had the greatest influence on me as an artist.  I read it 20 years ago and still live by many of Jan’s teachings.  After reading Marry your Muse I knew I had to meet the author.  I sent her a request for a meeting and she agreed.  My friend Giselle and I drove to San Diego and spent the day with her.  What I found out on that day is she is truly a prophet, smart, quick, kind and understanding.  Since then I have attended many of her retreats and am always inspired and motivated by this divine woman.

Tamara Trejo

Cost $90  Please RSVP soon email or text 650-303-5515

You can buy the book on amazon 


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