Kundalini Serpent Crown

Securely, she walks through this world fully awake, deeply grounded and connected to the human family.  She creates sensual beauty and harmony among all living beings. Her position on this planet is powerful and her healing love flows freely.  Her message of well-being is transmitted silently but heard by all in need.  Her keen intuition guides her path.  Wrapped by a serpent, her amethyst crown has millions of tiny light~connection points that constantly receive and broadcast universal knowledge.  Her name is Ixchel, Moon Goddess, Mayan medicine Woman.

Ancient depictions portray her as a Crone, to symbolize wisdom; with a snake on her head to symbolize awakened kundalini. She carries a large satchel over one shoulder and a walking stick in her other hand.  The large satchel to symbolize strength and carried healing remedies.  The walking stick is a symbol of her earthly travels, although I think the walking stick is her wisdom wand and magical scepter. The ancient Maya believed in many Gods, but only one Goddess, Ixchel.

On this April full moon we dedicated our ceremony to Her. The core Moon Mothers tribe gathered at sunset to embody the spirit of Ixchel. By way of breath meditation we woke our sleeping kundalini serpent and summoned her to move up through our chakras, clearing any blocked energy so we could begin to infuse our tree branchlets with enchanted energy. Paying homage to Ixchel the weaver, we wove silk around the small boughs while reciting “I am” and “I am grateful” mantras.  This simple sober practice is a powerful way to shift stale blocks and renew life force energy.




When our ceremony came to an end each woman headed home with a powerful tallismen  to bring healing energy to their home and family.


Blessings to you, blessing to your home (the place your soul resides).

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Happy Spring


Tamara Trejo


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